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  • amro Jun 19, 2009 12:03 PM Flag

    Dilution means no partnership soon?

    I believe so, because if there was any concrete partnership talks, I don't think that Epicept would be selling their shares for 80 cents. They know quite well that if they announce a partnership, the stock price would soar and they would be getting a lot higher than 80 cents.

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    • NasdaQ after houers: 16.01 .82 2000
      16.15 .77 100

      No new French revolution.

    • What was the volume from .81 to the last affair?

      Sorry, you can't read my posts. :-)

      If you are right we will reach .6. If I am right this dillution is part of a plan. What the market finds out about the dillution we will find out, ...with lag or not. Sweden has been closed today.

      Jonastine you have been right about management diluted some 10%. You was also right about the close this day. It was under .8.

      You have avoided to comment if there is a genuin demand for Ceplene, but you have brought up the possibility that BP find IL-2 as efficiant as monotherapy.

      Repeted scientific trails shows the opposite. N=800+.

      There is a demand from the AML patients. EMEA saw it. But you don't.

      There have been positive sentiment during this spring for the idea of Epicept running by them selves on Swedish threads. I guess there is need for more info about the plan from now on. Share price will relate to that, but most important is the question about the perception: is Epicept stronger or weaker after the 10% dillution related to future revenues? Is it one step back and two steps forward?

    • Let' seeee, hmmmm, my screen shows a closing price of 0.76, hmmm, looks like once again, I was right and Lars was wrong.

      I can't recall another poster being so consistent in challenging me, and being so consistently wrong.

      I don't have time for such morons, henceforth, Lars is on "ignore."

    • "Inepticept's stock always lags in reaction, and I think that's evident with today's relatively light volume given the news."

      I see no lag in your activity, J.

      Market doesn't seem to have the same view as you have.

      I think there is a plan here. I think it will be revealed before the voting on the postpond annual meeting. Just a thought.

    • Briefly, their crafty bylaws allowed them to adjourn the SH meet should any proposal not receive passage, the increased shares failed, so they adjourned. They are only obligated to announce the follow up date and place at the SH meet, which they did, it is July 2 in Tarrytown, and you won't hear anything else about it.

      The delay is to drum up additional votes, which you can count on them doing, whether by hook or crook.

    • If they were doing a partnership they wouldn't raise money period, their would be enough coming in from the partnersip so I say yes, this means no partnership.


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      • Having no other sources, my reaction to this dilution is the same as the two posts above.

        Jounastin and friedchicken have both been correct, pointing out this possibility.

        Adding: There will probably be a release around july 2 regarding sales in the first weeks and as a consequence of these figures Epicept will do the launch by them selves in Europe.

        It will be interesting to see if the market will regard this as weakness or a potential for Epicept to become a net gainer on the European market for Ceplene.

        Market price over the diluted 12 million shares will tell us that story.

      • Not at all. This is money to strenghten the negotiation position. Common practice for small-caps like EPCT to do as BP tries to wait them out for a better price.

        We could see a partnership being announced tomorrow.

    • You are 100% correct.

      Also it should be noted that if partnership prospects were strong, they could have sold them to an institutional investor right now at a better price, but instead they throw them out to the public at a discount!

      Great way to build confidence!

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