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  • topaz_pathfinder topaz_pathfinder Oct 26, 2009 1:29 PM Flag

    Share Price

    The newcomer MYRX has no product in the market, but reached, and stabilized, within less than a year, a mkt.cap of about $155 mill with only 24 mill shares = $ 6,30 p.s.
    EPCT has an EMEA approved product and various out-licenses (ENDP, DURECT, MYGN) but produced for 3 years now dilutions to 130 mill ! shares, just reached that way a mkt. cap of about $110 mill = $ 0,84 p.s. Simply a bad joke and such with a smell of a fishy business!

    The mgmt talkers Talley & Savage produce nothing else than to mislead their stockholders with merry tales.

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    • Topaz, your calculation on the race Myriad pharmaceuticals vs Epicept has to be actualized: its now MYRD mkt cap 150 mill with 24 mill outstandig shrs/ 6,22 p.s.; EPCT‘s successful long-term cash burner team Talley & Soprano has reached 103 mill mkt cap with 131 mill o. shrs/ 0.79 p.s.

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      • Burn-rate per month will, after the initial month after the San Diego research department is cut off, be lower than 1.5 million USD.

        Rumors in Sweden around sales under the named patient program is far more than any of us expect, I think (118 treatment just in France). I do not make my investments on such romurs. I just notice that there are several juniors that have made their entery in the market with there orphan drugs and that the outcome of that, seen over a resonable time, have increased the CO's profit significantly. See articles about IDIS.

        Of course a commersial launch is a more dens way in to the market. But remember that the IDIS program is for the whole world market. ASH in december is the acctual world meeting for hematologists. I prefer a deal before that congress, but the meeting will be a very nice event to spread the word out about Ceplene and the excellent efficacy for patients having AML.

        Especially after the news about Ceplene beeing an economic net-gainer for helth care having high efficacy and administered at home.

        Many countries regulate there applied rules around AML treatment these days. In Sweden the hematologists have that meeting around November 10. The latest economic news about Ceplene is sweet sounds in the ears of the decisionmakers here.

        We are waiting for the acctual sales figures. Some wait beside, some is giving the whole package a value and are already on board. Writing angry post here does not compensate for being behind when we start to move.

        There is less to lose than there is to gain, as I see it. :-)

    • It should be added that EPCT is not only an Azixa and Ceplene company! The pain products Lidopain BP and NP-1 would be even more attractive for partners and a serious challenge to the multi-billion pain market which is currently dominated by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Glaxo, Lilly etc. That is both more significant for the market and less risky than all these theoretical back-and-forth future SPECULATIONS on cancer.

      However this incompetent EPCT mgmt made already in the past the same blatant mistakes with these significant pipeline products ! Therefore it’s not a surprise that Talley & Co attempt to divert with misleading information from the fact that ENDP’s generic Lidoderm has $ 600 million US market sales. These sales are SOBER BUSINESS REALITY AND NOT A SPECULATION. With a similar success story EPCT could simply have today a share price beyond 10.- $.

    • apples and oranges
      EPCT: 130M o/s and 0.11 cash p/s
      MYRX: 24M o/s and 7.03 cash p/s

    • I believe the share price is being kept down by EPCT as they are in serious buyout discussions.

      Notice today's PR only vaguely mentions their two cancer drugs, but not Azixa specifically.

      Encysive suppressed important info so that Pfizer would not back out of a deal to buy them in 2008 for $2.35.

      Encysive had the potential to jump to $3-4, but they wouldn't have had a deal.

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