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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Nov 7, 2009 8:20 AM Flag

    Predictions for Tues . .

    Is this a prediction:

    " I would not be surprised if a share offering is announced in short order."

    Stringency of a covard. "Surprised"?

    "2 - You will hear again about the "positive ongoing partner discussions" etc etc "

    A partner deal will not be reported in a Q-report, but in a seperat release. End of story.

    "3 - You will hear that the new VP is either for a "contingency" should a N.American partner not surface, or you will hear language about how they "plan to retain US rights". Nonsense!"

    There are NO intentions letting the US market to a partner. That have been repeated out for one year now.

    AND MORE: Jonaustin have, against all scientific research, stated that IL-2 have an own efficacy and that Ceplene is not additive to IL-2. Even though the sources are available for everybody in the slides from every presentation. 5 randomized trials, n= 830. EMEA have been clear on this. But Jonaustin knows better.

    Let's see if we have a release about fast track. Right in the face of Jonaustin.

    What's next for Jonaustin? He seems desperate when quoting totally wrong, see earlier posts. What is propellering this guy?

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    • I hate to admit but so far jon has been quite accurate with his predictions. I sure hope he is wrong this time and all those positive arguments that swedish investors have highlighted on various message boards really start to make positive impact on SP.

      Usually there is some 10-15% SP rise with substantial volume rise before quarterly report. This time it's different - SP hasn't moved much, in fact it's flat/droping. I guess management has crushed investors hopes too many times and today it feels like the light in the end of tunnel is swiched off for good. There is old russian saying for this kind of situations: no hope/hopelessness is a precondition for miracles.

      So, lets cross the fingers and hope that sales via IDIS is better than expected.

      I will go and fill my glass now and will shut up, to much philosofy is not healthy :P

      Good luck!

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