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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 May 12, 2010 12:09 PM Flag

    ASCO - in eight days we know.

    "The majority of ASCO Annual Meeting Abstracts for 2010 will be publicly released on ASCO’s website,, on Thursday, May 20 at 6:00 p.m. (EDT). The online abstracts will be fully searchable at that time.

    The more than 5,000 abstracts accepted from around the world include a large number of important studies, many of which will have important, and in some cases, immediate implications for patient care. Plenary, Late-Breaking (LBA), and Clinical Review Abstracts will be publicly released on site at the Annual Meeting according to a specific schedule published as part of ASCO’s Annual Meeting Embargo Policy. This process ensures that pivotal research accepted into ASCO’s Annual Meeting is presented and discussed in a peer-review setting. These abstracts will be made publicly available online over the duration of the weekend."

    Azixa. In 8 days we know.

    My perception is stable disease a n d partial response not just in primary tumors, but in melanoma that have metastased to the brain. The last case will send us upwards. Will be interesting to follow how long. :-)

    When you read the upcoming abstract you should all be aware that there are other compounds in the serie that also have very good penetration pontential over the blood brain barriare. Search Pubmed for Epicept and you see some 10-15 reports having the ASAP-technology as a source last year.

    Management have been doing a work for several years that now comes to harvest time. Let's seperate the men from the barking boys here.

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    • Sorry if I offended you in the last post, let's keep it to the subject matter leaving our personal feelings aside. If it is possible.

      It is not often mentioned but the substances are low risk:

      No side-effects worth mentioning, and components known to the body (Ceplene) or the FDA (NP-1, two compounds approved one by one) or Crolibulin that is one of - or, t h e safest VDA's.

      So, I do agree, the substnce in the CO i s special.

    • Presumably you're in need of social care. Ok, last time as summary:

      The lengthy wish-wash shall distract from one simple fact, that a dumb management created (though in possession of reasonable products) for years nothing else than a 95% collapse of the share value.

    • All here like Lars' long and windy stories. His new one on Azixa is nice:
      “.. my perception is stable disease and partial response not just in primary tumors, but in melanoma that have metastased to the brain ..”

      Wow!! Why wasting money with clinical trials? Lars knows it all before results are presented. Admirable, he even specifies them. What about a job application of Lars for a TV weather forecast? If they should employ him he can earn more money there than the few dollars from EPCT.

    • Here you have another compound from Epicept /Myriad:

      "Discovery of N-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-N,2-dimethylquinazolin-4-amine, a Potent Apoptosis Inducer and Efficacious Anticancer Agent with High Blood Brain Barrier Penetration

      March 18, 2009

      As a continuation of our structure−activity relationship (SAR) studies on 4-anilinoquinazolines as potent apoptosis inducers and to identify anticancer development candidates, we explored the replacement of the 2-Cl group in our lead compound 2-chloro-N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-N-methylquinazolin-4-amine (6b, EP128265, MPI-0441138) by other functional groups. This SAR study and lead optimization resulted in the identification of N-(4-methoxyphenyl)-N,2-dimethylquinazolin-4-amine (6h, EP128495, MPC-6827) as an anticancer clinical candidate. Compound 6h was found to be a potent apoptosis inducer with EC50 of 2 nM in our cell-based apoptosis induction assay. It also has excellent blood brain barrier penetration, and is highly efficacious in human MX-1 breast and other mouse xenograft cancer models."

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