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  • stockman58a stockman58a Oct 11, 2010 6:09 AM Flag

    Some questions Mr Jack V. Talley

    First of all:
    Congrats to Jack V Talley for being 8th place in the list of worst Q3 biotechs.

    But I have some questions:

    1. Why does Mr Joshua A. Kazam, CEO at NLX and NUMBER 1 in the WINNER list,
    only get 7% of Jack V Talleys total compensation who is in the LOSER list -
    also both companies have nearly the same share price and a comparable market value ?

    Joshua A. Kazam - total compensation: $80,963.00

    Jack V Talley - total compensation: $1,176,623.00

    2. Christopher Viehbacher, CEO of Sanofi (SNY), with a market
    value of 90 bil, has total compensations of: €3,469,973.00
    EPCT has a market market value of 32 mil.
    So - if EPCT one day has a market value comparable to
    SNY - does Jack V. Talley then get 300 Mio every year ?

    3. 2008 Mr. Talley continued: "Several potential commercial partners with established sales infrastructures in hematology and oncology in Europe have expressed interest in marketing Ceplene and are in various stages of due diligence. We expect to share further details on our commercialization strategy later this year."

    Sorry - did you mean later the year 2010 ?

    OK, that was a typical Jack V Talley - the same successful story
    than Jack V Talleys 1st EMEA admission and FDA also.

    Fortunately we have Mr Hellstrand who has the knowledge and the connections
    in Sweden and Europe to make Ceplene approved 2nd approval and who
    provided MEDA as a partner. Ok, Mr Hellstrand also has some interest
    to commercialize Ceplene - at least he got 1 Mio license fees, however
    Ceplene is on the market - after 15 years...

    What happend to much more promising products in the pipeline like:
    - Lidopain BP, Lidopain SP etc ?

    Isnt it a very "optimistic" strategy to develope cost-intensive
    cancer drugs, without any money in the company, instead
    of forwarding developments in the pipe with well proven substances?

    4. The reverse split
    "Our actions today were taken because we believe it is in the best interests of the stockholders ..."
    The vote failed first vote. Where comes the overwhelming majority in Proposal Two from ?

    5. Why does Jack V Talley fake conference calls with Rodman & Renshaw,
    who manages public offerings and explains there are no other callers
    with questions, other than the arranged questions with the
    Rodman & Renshaw employee ?

    6. What happened to the oustanding 100 Mio license fees from Endo ?
    Have you not to be in the mood to ask them ? Maybe you were busy
    making George Bush donations ?

    7. Maybe - after years of dilutions and reverse splits -
    increasing salaries despite no results - Jack V Talley
    should ask himself, if it is enough to complete coursework
    towards an M.B.A. in Marketing, to be CEO of a Nasdaq listed company.
    It is very questionable that Mr Jack V Talley
    brings adequate competence to lead a Nasdaq listed

    I only can advice every shareholder to continue reading here:

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