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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 Mar 18, 2011 5:37 PM Flag

    More on NP-1

    - Please, be precise about diagnosis. This is neuropathic pain. There are no, zerro, approved drugs for pain in cancer.

    Why do you think NCI bother, for fun?

    There is a cream with less efficacy than NP-1 have shown until now, that works through heat. Side effects. PHN diagnosis, if I remember correct.

    But that was not the answer you wanted?

    Management awaits the publishing of the data in the abstracts to ASCO, before commenting. Thats the way things are.

    You have to try to make up your own mind about the market for NP-1 in the cancer pain market or in the broad diabetic neuropatic pain market.

    Eqiualent after 4 weeks in PHN to Gabapentin. What will be the outcome after 8 or 12 weeks of treatment? At what week stops the additative efficacy effect? Eight weeks? 10?

    The most effective medicine in the diagnosis are now challanged.

    The new willingness from Bigpharma to conduct a phase III to check this is described from people in the industry to me as a "new dimension", given the new results.

    For what is worth.

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