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  • larshansson18 larshansson18 May 31, 2011 11:10 AM Flag

    Fully financed!

    Focus will now be on the substance of the CO.

    No reason for fear when share price rice, no need for more PPs.

    Improved substance: New studies to start in new diagnosis for Ceplene. Patientgroup of 20 000/yr. in each market (US and EU)

    Making a deal for Amiket without any financial pressure.

    Nice work!

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    • Jack "fraudster" Talley fully finances himself !

      woohoo - after 10 yeras of dilutions and reverse splits - the genius Jack "uh ah oh" Talley raises money with a debt - woohooo !!!!

      GREAT NEWS !


      BUt EPCT got Jack V Talley and his boyfriend Savage Soprano... no more to say...


      Lars stop jer.kin off wan.ker boy and spam swedish boards...

      • 1 Reply to stockman58a
      • I still do not like your way of giving people names.

        Do you find it good or bad that the CO

        1. Can get a loan, if Epicept find it suitable?

        2 Isn't it true that since the finance crisis we have had a stop in the development of the CO substances because lack of capital (Crolibulin and a new diagnosis, MDS, for Ceplene)?

        3. Will the deal for Amiket be better given no economic pressure on the CO?

        Epicept have some 10 MUSD and adds to that some 8 more. We are all interested in what kind of deal we will have for Amiket.

        There i an analysis from Dawson that, before the loan thought that there would be one more dillution. (target price 1.5 yr end) Now it seems that there is no need for that? Good or bad?

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