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  • justgotpaidfornothing justgotpaidfornothing May 13, 2009 12:21 AM Flag

    where do you go to buy a new TV?

    My TV is getting very old and on it's last leg. So I am thinking about getting a new one, after all I cannot live without a TV. I thought about buying a new one at Circuit City, but they no longer exists. So I thought, what is the best place to buy a new TV. Best Buy was my answer. And they are very friendly about educating me about the new technology with TV's... It makes me wonder if Best Buy has gained all the business that Circuit City use to have. I thinks so. Anyone still analog?? I hope not. Best Buy is present in USA, China, Europe, Mexico, and Canada. They seem to know what they are doing in my opinion...Good luck.

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    • Tom,


      I was in Wal-Mart yesterday looking for sunglasses. They used to carry decent brands.
      I was standing next to the electronics department.

      There was a guy trying to describe what he wanted to buy. He was very clear. I immediately knew he was looking for a Magic Jack. Nobody (there were FIVE employees talking to him) knew what he was talking about. Not one.

      He finally asked for the manager. The manager was an Asian kid who spoke English but he was very hard to understand. I state this merely as fact.

      The kid didn't know what the guy was asking for either. He left to ask someone else.

      By this time they had moved to the front of the store and I was checking out. Finally I couldn't stand it so I went up to the guy and said "You're looking for a Magic Jack? The guys smiled and said "yes!"

      I told him I've owned one for two years, they work great and he can get one at Best Buy for $19.95. If he had any questions about compatibility with his system the Geeks could help him out. The guy beamed.

      One of the women clerks looked at me as if I were talking in Sanskrit.


    • Try Walmart, Sams Club, Cosco, BJ's Warehouse, Target and Amazon(no sales tax and free shipping). Lots of places to buy new TVs. Most consumers already own 2 or 3 televisions sets. In this terrible economy, buying a new tv set is not a high priority.

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      • <<Try Walmart, Sams Club, Cosco, BJ's Warehouse, Target and Amazon>>

        Both LCDs and Plasmas are still buggy, technically. I wouldn't buy a TV unless it was easy to return---and by this I mean that someone delivers it and, if necessary, picks it up. Sony had the "sparkle" issue last year (in dark scenes) and this year they've got a faulty auto-dimming feature that can't be turned off (many complaints, says the guy at Best Buy). Higher-priced Samsungs have excellent black levels, but they get this by using clear, shiny glass that reflects everything in your room.

        Last week, I bought a 42" LG LH40 at Best Buy for 1/3 off retail. I felt it provided the best balance of quality, features, and price. No LCD is perfect. Each has their particular issues, but at places like Costco, you get last year's models, which is why the price is so good. Most manufacturers make improvements every year.

        Until you get the set home, you may not know what work-around the manufacturer has made---or for that matter, if you got one with a dead pixel. The new, thinner, edge-lit LCDs have uniformity problems---subtle bands of light or dark inherent in the screen. Panasonic plasmas have a greenish tint to anything white. Etc.

        All the stores set their TVs to "Vivid" mode (insane for home use) and use fast-moving images to dazzle you and keep you from being able to reasonably compare sets.

        You have to pick your poison. Therefore, you want the best selection, good backup, and easy return if a particular set punches your buttons the wrong way. Best Buy---and Magnolia Audio and Video, their high-end subsidiary---provide at least minimum service for something that may need it.

      • original.


    • Make and model number Dat...I wanna know how desperate you were.

    • Just bought one at Wally World. Best price in town!

    • make sure to buy the warranty and video calibration service and monster products. make sure the tv is a house brand tv too,

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