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  • jerrydude111 jerrydude111 Oct 29, 2011 7:39 PM Flag

    BBY and HSBC in bed together to ripoff

    customers with DEBT CANCELLATION FEE scam! The publicity will not be good.

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    • Here's how it works. Best Buy offers no interest credit with payments and payoff at 12 or 24 months. Great huh! What the sales person doesn't tell you is they are automatically signing you up for what they call a "debt cancellation fee". Similar to credit insurance except for one major difference. HSBC reaps the profit which is about 12% per year. On your monthly statement you see a charge for it. Unsuspecting customers don't question the charge thinking it has to do with accumulated interest that would be paid if the loan is not paid in full at the 12 or 24 month payoff. By the time I caught on to it they had over $500.00 of my money on what I thought was an interest free loan. Now remember, when I initially got the credit no one asked me if I wanted it. There was no mention about it. That was in 2008. Flash to today.
      I finally realise what is going on. I call my Best Buy store. They say they don't keep copies of credit agreements and to call HSBC. HSBC has some many complaints to do with it that their answering computers actually have a designated extension referring to "debt cancellation fees". When you follow their lead on the phone it takes you to a deadend. You have to trick them and push the extension for lost or stolen cards to actually get a human. The woman tells me that they will check the agreement and if I didn't sign up for it they will reimburse my money. She also says they will mail me a copy. 2 weeks later I receive a letter saying they are cancelling the fee as of that date. They don't send a copy of the agreement.
      I call them back. This lady says HSBC doesn't keep copies and that I would have to contact Best Buy. I protest saying I just talked to my store and they said the opposite. She then says let me check my computer and see if I can find it. I say you just told me that you don't have it. I say you are lying to me. She puts me on hold to supposedly consult with her supervisor. She then comes back and says they will mail me out a copy. By this time I am not happy. I again say you initially told me you don't keep copies. I am stern but not rude. She then threatens to hangup on me if I continue the conversation. I hangup. I call my store back and ask for the manager to call me. She says it won't do any good. I say I want to talk to him anyway. She doesn't know when he will be in. It could be 2 or 3 days. I am not holding my breath.
      Now you can say it is my fault for not catching the scam earlier but at the end of the day this stinks. This is not good business. Google it on the internet and see how many other customers are complaining. Should I say ex-customers.
      I have spent over $10,000 at Best Buy since 2008 but no more.
      I intend on pursuing this. I am contacting local tv stations to bring this to the public's attention. Whether it is legal or not it is NOT GOOD BUSINESS. I don't understand how companies get away with it!

    • Care to elaborate?

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