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  • worst_buy worst_buy Apr 15, 2012 6:52 PM Flag

    Best Buy & Geek Squad = A FAILURE ---------

    Bought over $5,000 worth of computer equipment from this company and it's going on 4 weeks and still not installed as promised.Talked to the Manager in Grandville,Michigan and she said "there is nothing I can do about it".This is the WORST company I have ever bought any computer equipment from and these people are arogant.Will post with further information as I'am getting ready to bring all this equipment back to this pathetic store.Strong Sell.

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    • send_this_pig_to_hell send_this_pig_to_hell Apr 22, 2012 11:42 AM Flag

      Regret to hear you not being treated as expected, but this happens all too often at even the largest and most respected companies even to clients with multimillion dollar accounts. I know as I have worked for several and seen it first hand. What sets the good from the bad is how often this happens, and how they respond.

      While I don't think GS has the sharpest tacks on the board, but with thirty years of experience with networks, computers, telecommunications, and other technology. I have a higher standard than the average person, so I may be a little harsh on judging them skill wise.

      What I think maters is I do not hear of complaints about the GS at a level that would indicate to me they have widespread issues. Most of the complaints I hear about them have nothing to do with competency, its pricing as most people are not prepared for the cost of technological support these days.

      The fact is their $500 laptop that stopped communicating with the outside world is just as difficult and time consuming to repair as a $10K corporate server with the same issue. As a mater of fact with so many people loading their personal computers with tons of apps that can cause such problems I'd rather fix a server. Plus I can bill a company $1K to fix that server while I would be lucky to make $200 even though it might take over 6 hours to figure out and fix what is wrong.

      This is one of the reasons when something goes wrong with a PC's OS so many times they come back with the drive formatted and the OS reloaded. Techs know the average Joe is not going to pay the kind of money it can take to fix the issue. So after a few minutes trying some common quick fixes, they say the OS needs to be reinstalled.

      Now back to the real issue, that is if it is real, as this sounds a lot like a short trying to scare off shareholders. Why haven't you called 1-800-433-5778 and asked to speak to a supervisor about the issue you have with GS's services, or in this case lack of them? As taking back the merchandise will not impact GS's bottom line since sales will take the hit, and bashing them on a stock bulletin board isnt going to resovle the issue either.

      On the other hand calling them, and letting GS management directly know they are losing not only the money for the installation, but also that for service for the life of the equipment which can over time be considerably more times that for installation should make them take notice and get thinks back on the path they should be on.

    • Just a heads up about your Lowes delivery and installation. Just know this, it will be an independent contractor (to avoid all those pesky payroll taxes and worker's compensation), he may or not be properly insured and IT IS FOR CERTAIN that the helper he brings with him will be paid under the table. Sadly, whatever you paid to Lowes for this service, only a portion will go to that guy. It's a very sad statement about the integrity of our big-box retailers, they want your money, they just don't want any responsibility. It's the same as sending jobs overseas without the stigma.

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      • A followup. I'm a 20+ year retail store manager now in retirement. I work in hourly sales for Dillard's because I enjoy the customer interaction AND the fact that running the store is no longer my responsibility.

        I have zero problem with using contract labor for things such as store delivers. Vendors are by contract for most big box stores and it saves a ton of personnel issues. Sears uses contracted vendors for all sorts of services they advertise.

        Due to the oil boom here, everyone is running at around 50% staffed. Olive Garden uses only half their setting areas due to lack of staff - for example. Car dealers with half and full page ads for hiring everyday. AND. The problem of hiring for the oilfield is just as bad, if not worse. We have "roughnecks" working 90 hours a week and live a couple hours away from their rigs. Housing in Midland is 100% full with long waiting lists. There are around 150 homes for sale at anytime, they aren't on the market long enough to get on the MLS. I live in a large manufactured home park - 100% full - waiting list. I could, if I wanted to, sell my current home for double what I paid originally 10 years ago.

        Rogers Ford/Lincoln in Midland is nationally ranked for sales of F-150/250 trucks. And the list goes on.

        Contract labor for delivery service is just plain necessary.

      • Delivery and removal of my old washer/dryer was free - no charge. Done very well indeed. Called me this morning and told me basically when they'd deliver - they did and went just fine. My new Maytag washer was reviewed with me, which I found very helpful. It's a neat machine. It weights the clothes which determines how much water to use. And it West Texas with our horrible water situation, that's a huge plus.

        The plumber came and inspected my water heater and suggested I not replace it at this time. He went over why he recommended not replacing and gave me several interesting suggestions. His point? Don't replace what doesn't need to be replaced.

        So there. The delivery guys were nice, presented themselves professionally, didn't make a mess, etc. And I'm thoroughly pleased.

    • Locally, in my area - it's Best Buy or Wal-Mart - Target. Period. Wal-Mart and Target don't deliver. A new flatscreen won't fit into my car.

      The only alternative I see is buy on line. Anybody got a better idea? I'm all ears.

      I had a stupid experience with Geek. I cancelled the sale - period. I'll gladly pay the shipping just to have the damned set delivered to my home.

      I'm having a new washer and dryer delivered tomorrow by Lowe's. And they're replacing my hot water heater. I'll post my experience tomorrow.

    • Best Buy's management does not consider any of it's techs, installers, clerks, or any other non-management employees to be worth much and that is reflected in what they pay them. If you were to consider the pay difference between store managers and the lowest level positions, you find ratios that are very high. All the lip service about "team" blah-blah-blah is just that. I have spent sometime with Best Buy management and I can tell you, when it comes to pay for non-management personnel, they clearly have an opinion. The opinion is clearly expressed in what they pay. NO ONE should be surprised at the level and incompetence or poor service. Frankly, they are not paid enough to really consider what they do a profession, nor should they really care about BBY because the company clearly doesn't really care about them, as reflected in what they pay.

    • If I was holding onto over $5,000 of merchandise and Geek was way way delayed in installation, I would simply put it all in the car, carry it by wheelbarrow in the store, dump it LOUDLY in the aisle and DEMAND refund on the spot!!!!!

      Seriously, you are WAY to patient. Go after the scum big time. YOU do have a weapon, a return of a large sale and a Rotten Letter you will write WITH ALL NAMES and send, certified, to the CEO.

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