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  • masterq20032003 masterq20032003 Aug 8, 2012 10:32 AM Flag

    Anti-Romney Paid Shills

    New ABC/ Washington Post polls indicate that far more people have a favorable rating on Obama than they do Romney. So all you rabid haters out there better re-think your view that Obama's political death is at hand and prepare yourself for a political defeat.

    Of course the only poll that will count is the one on November 6th.


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    • Master,

      You have better hope that Obamacare doesn't go into effect, or your Medicare approved doctors will be limited to treating you with sugar pills.

      Look at the election results, not the B.S. Liberal Polls.

      Tea Party candidates rule the roost.


      • 3 Replies to mlevine44
      • The Liberal/Communist/Democrats conntine to ignore the trend...

        Starting with REPUBLICAN Scott Brown's victory over the criminal Democrat Jon Corzine in LIBERAL Mass. of all places..replacing the entrenched Liberal-Limousine-Communist Ted Kennedy in a resounding rejection of Communism by the masses

        Followed by the mid-term "shellacking" visited upon Obama and his Leftist fellow running-dogs...A resounding rejection of Obama/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Communist agenda for this nation

        Followed by the the repudiation of the Leftist attempts to recall the honorable Governor Scott Walker and Judge Prosser in (of all places) LIBERAL the BS recall elections

        And now you friggin' LIBERALS want to pretend that the most recent election results never happened?

        Hang on to your false optimism the old adage goes:

        "The trend is your friend"..

        And the trend doesn't bode well for you Democrat parasites...bloodsuckers and criminals alike.

        The clear-thinkers are united in the campaign to excise the; the Democrats


      • Who needs doctors when women have Bagger politicians to tell them when to have their private parts probed and which camera angles give the best pictures for public distribution?

      • MLevine,

        I have no worries about Obamacare and my future treatment plans. My faith in our health care system would be considerably shaken should the other guy get in and then do what he has promised to do. Of course I don't think either is a possibility at the moment. One because I doubt if he'll get elected and two should he pull it off he doesn't keep his promises so I doubt if he'll shut Obamacare down.

        As far as tea people ruling the roost. I don't believe they are but should they even have a shot now, two months is an eternity in an election of this importance. Polls cannot be completely discounted and the only poll that counts comes in early November. So tea people can brag all they want to about their supposed strength but the only strength they need to show is in early November. Otherwise, it is just, to be polite, political rhetoric.


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