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  • sillymuppets sillymuppets Aug 7, 2012 11:04 PM Flag

    Anti-Romney Paid Shills

    How many of you anti-Romney bozos are for real? We all know our Dear Leader and "The One" pays for bloggers to post pro-Obama and anti-opponent bs all over the place. Please go away - "1984" was almost 30-years ago. And, also, please stop data mining public records regarding political donations and spamming people like me. I'd love to sue Obama and the DNC for illegal spam.

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    • I have no illusions as to those who really care about my health care and those who do not. I'm sure you are one who does not. But then again no one is forcing you to read and respond to the postings I make. So to be polite, you can kiss my earlobe.


    • POA (power of attorney), not POW (hostage of the State?).


    • Everyone needs to have a health care POW.

      You don't want to impose the burden of ordering life and death on your closest relatives without direction.

      Aging is a process of diminishing returns. When the burdens outweigh the benefits, it is time to go. But, this is the most private matter imaginable. The determination must remain within the family, as advised by your trusted doctor.

      The Government has no business whatsoever in this sphere. Yet, Obamacare does exactly that: It proposes to stand between you and your doctor. People intuitively understand this threat. That is why Obamacare raised such a fire storm in the Country.

      The fact that Obama made this his signature legislative "achievement", alone is sufficient grounds for his defeat.


    • Do you really think anyone posting on this board cares one way or the other about your medical problems? If you stopped posting today no one would miss you or any of your other characters. There's always another buffoon to take your place.

    • "Watch out for that cute young Obama girl trying to get you to sign that living will with the DNR Order." Thanks. I needed a good laugh. But I am just not quite old enough for a DNR; living will, yes; DNR, no. Health care power of attorney, yes but no DNR. Sorry to disappoint some of the other ultra-conservs on this board but I need to stick around to enjoy the next four years. :>)

      LL: Love Life

    • My doctor friends are around my age and don't need the money. They work because they love what they do. But, they are not interested in being government employees.

      My personal physician resents the insurance companies, but really hates the thought of Obamacare. I pay him in full at the time of my appointments and my staff does the insurance paperwork. He is a great doctor and you can get in to see him without delay. He is not accepting new patients.

      We don't want to lose our most experienced doctors. But, these are very bright, proud, independent (mostly conservative) people.

      I also have two Liberal friends who are doctors Both work in health education and/or research settings. they support Obamacare because they believe is health care rationing and cost control.

      Perhaps the demographic will dictate that health care rationing will become inevitable. However, I would rather see competition among private insurers offering various coverage plans, than see Government death panels.

      Watch out for that cute young Obama girl trying to get you to sign that living will with the DNR Order.


    • You know never fail to provide me with on-going laughs.

      If you recall....I was the one that posted that the only poll that matters is the one on Nov 6th. It was in response to a post of yours where you mis-spelled poll as "pole" (a couple of weeks ago.)

      The laughing started when you began to use the phrase in almost each and every one of your posts since that time as if it were your own

      But what really has me ROTFLMAO is this recent gem of yours (quote)


      while I am the one that says the only important poll is the one taken in early November. You know the one on the first Tuesday after the first Monday or do you know this?"


      If you're going to plagiarize least remember who it is that you're plagiarizing.

      That beaut really had me laughing...and I thank you for it.

      As I said...youi're too thick between the dumb to know when you're too dumb. And you are pretty darned dumb...ain't cha'?


    • Talk about thick between the ears. "So after the mid-terms.....immediately followed by the voters rejection of the Union's attempts to overturn an election via a recall vote in would have us believe that this nation will suddenly turn on its heels and support another 4 years of failure under Junior?" For your edification two years are several lifetimes in politics.

      It's nice to cherry pick your stats but here's one at you. Governor Kasich of Ohio lost the Issue #2 anti-union legislation to a referendum. Here in Ohio we can reverse what our legislature and Governor does via a vote of the people. To go on, Kasich lost the vote by a resounding margin. Now he enjoys the lowest approval rating of any sitting Ohio Governor. He can't get stuff through his own Republican dominated legislature. He is hated that much. I just look forward to Kasich endorsing Mitt and seeing PRESIDENT Obama's approval rating go even higher than it is now.

      All polls both liberal and conservative show PRESIDENT Obama leading by more than the margins of error. And the trend has been that way for some time both here and in other important swing states.

      So to give you a lesson in politics don't count your chickens because in two months time anything can and often does happen. You are the one that keeps repeating the mantra "One and done for The One" while I am the one that says the only important poll is the one taken in early November. You know the one on the first Tuesday after the first Monday or do you know this? It's hard to tell because of your immature political thinking.


    • MLevine,

      Right now in Ohio PRESIDENT Obama has the lead in every poll liberal or conservative by more than the margins of error. You know as well as I do that two months is a lifetime in politics. So it is still anybody's ball game.

      Governor Kasich has proven the lifetime period is short in that because of his anti-union stance on Issue #2 last year his approval ratings are the lowest any sitting governor has had. All we need is for Kasich to endorse Mitt and PRESIDENT Obama will be a shoo-in in Ohio. He is hated that much. Why do you think Senator Portman is on the short VP list?

      I live in the gas drilling area. Nothing is holding up the drilling here except Governor Kasich wants to tax the drillers for mineral deportation. Says he'll lower our income tax if he gets it through the state legislature. Both bodies of the legislature are controlled by Republicans but the Republican Representatives are enbolden by his lowly approval rating and won't pass it if he insists on using the money for lower taxes. Schools across the state just lost huge for their tax levies voted on Tuesday in special elections. The reps say they want to use the money to support the schools. Well that is all the anti-tax people had to here and they voted down almost every school district levy in the entire state.

      When one party controls everything like they do in Ohio they no longer fight the enemy/the other party they just fight amongst themselves. This goes on until the other party proves to be victorious and then they wake up and fight the enemy/other party again.

      Ohio is a swing state and has been since WWII. Yet no Republican candidate has won the presidency and lost Ohio. If the trend continues Romney must win Ohio. It's another reason why he may pick Portman.


    • Every board have some politico nut

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