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  • toughmudder456 toughmudder456 Nov 7, 2012 9:33 PM Flag

    When everyone is bullish on a board about a buyout

    It never gets bought out. I shorted today and gonna hold. There's no way this happens with all this easy money about to make that much money by just buying now.

    This thing tanks.

    Watch and learn

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    • Good luck! It may or may not happen tomorrow, but I would make sure I am covered by the weekend. Related to rumors, sometimes they are true, sometimes they are out of touch with reality. This one (that there will be BO) is very real on many accounts and saying there are "easy money" laying around is at minimum dishonest. I've been through several BO with different stocks and this one is one of the most dated and obvious ones to me.

    • You're investing based on the opinions of a handful of people posting on a message board? lol. What are you....12?

      "Everyone is bullish"? All 3 posters? heheheheh. Too funny.

      Shorting a stock with a two week deadline for a buyout where the largest shareholder and founder wants to take it private and has publicly made his intentions known (as opposed to just a rumour? Brilliant.

      The whole market looks like its going to start declining, recession on the horizon, etc., and you choose the one stock that might instantly crush your short?

      Stunning. Simply stunning.

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