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  • kdfillo kdfillo Nov 19, 2012 11:39 AM Flag

    Why I'm holding despite bad news

    Even if the stock does go lower tomorrow or if schulze doesnt offer, Im still not selling....I believe the new strategy theyre putting into play, along with the new CFO can bring this stock back up to at least what i paid for it...whether its in 3 months or a year...Not selling!, **all you message board trollers who already sold for a big loss I really dont give a crap what you keep saying, have a nice Christmas(I know Best Buy will)

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Unfortunately competition from Target,Wall Mart and Amazon is ruthless,merciless

    • I'm new to BBY but have been watching it for months. I took a short position last week at $15.70 and am obvioulsy delighted with the results so far. I think it'll go lower tomorrow on disappointing earnings and immediate outlook - they may even declines to offer guidance here on out... Please tell me why you're holding and what do you think will happen in 3 months or a year. I've often held stocks too long and have gotten out too soon but this looks like a certain winner from a short position. Hard to see how BBY can come back when the AMZNs are eating their lunch every day?

      Looking forward to your insight.

    • Believer vs Reality. GL.
      Nonetheless, I'd rather put you on ignore as I do not see any value of your posting.

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