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  • onewaytomars3 onewaytomars3 Dec 4, 2012 8:05 PM Flag

    Fake buyout bid has ended.. 90% of buyout "offers" are fake idiots.

    i love best buy and all but they are like topps, they are run poorly, unprofitably, and only do good in booming economies. we wont have one for decades..

    i hope BBY survives, but it wont be bought out thats for sure. that was just a fake offer to sucker idiots to buy stock as they unloaded with their friends.

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    • There were stories around immediately following Schultz's departure about how poorly the company treated him. Most people in his position are allowed to maintain an office in the headquarters, come and go as they please, sit in on meetings, etc. After all, he was the man that created the company. In schultz's case there were stories about how he was escorted out like a low level employee, his security badge taken away, and they had him empty his office. Needless to say he must have been hurt and #$%$ at the same time. His reaction was "I'm going to buy back my company!"
      Steve Jobs said every day he was out of Apple he thought about how he was going to get his company back. Schultz is experiencing the same thing. The difference is Jobs was the genius behind Apple's success and Schuiltz was the reason for Best Buy's failure.
      I hope Schultz is able to eventually put this behind him and enjoy his retirement. At 55 he was founder of a 35 billion company embarking on global expansion, dominating it's market, with nothing but success written on it. At 70 his company is heading towards oblivion. Like so many of the elderly he now wans to go back and rewrite his own history. It never happens.

    • LMAO and who is they? It sure is not Schulze his shares are in lockup do the DD with getting to see the books and all, of course anyone that had ANY knowledge of the market would know that. Schulze is prepping his bid pal get ready, $20-$24 is the offer that the BOD can't say No too. :0}

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      • probably shulze had friends buy or sell options or something to pocket 25mil real fast. hell i remember that billionaire made a fake bid for PAX before it went under..

        i seen it so many times its actually laughable right now. anytime theres just an "offer" for a bid, its almost always a vague, bullsht fake offer to insider trade that will be yanked after they are done.

        or remember WPTE's fake bid by doyle brunson for $30? then it went bankrupt 2 years later.

        fake bids are rampant in this fake market. its how the big boys insider trade.. learn something.

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