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  • kcmalibu5457 kcmalibu5457 Dec 31, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

    Word is......

    Rumor is, cap gains are going up to 20%. Alot of people were thinking 50%. When cnbc announced that rumor. The big boys already knew it . Alot of divi stocks have been doing great today. This stock was so oversold it wasn't even funny, I was just buying as much as possible, day trading it from 11.20s to 11.30s. I only got up to 2250 shares though, but i'll take it, I did have 2000 so i was able to gain an extra 250 shares which is an extra 42.50 *4= 170.00 annually for a total of 382.50 everytime a divi gets paid. I'll just hold for now. This yield is alot better than the bank pays. GLTA, see on the 11th when the good news comes out.

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    • your getting alot of thumbs down from the shorts which means they are scared of what you have to say.

      i think we get at least $2 per share as people who look for yield move back into the stock now that fiscal uncertainty is reduced. Were else ya gonna get a 6% dividend yield? The downward selling spiral based that many high dividend stocks encountered will reverse itself and what was a headwind now becomes a huge tailwind. Then the momentum can feed on the 33 million shares short [ worth another couple of bucks] and we get a real nice rally going into the new year add on top of that the liklihood of a buyout [worth another couple of bucks] and we could take a nice rocketship ride north from this multiyear low....incidentlallly a low that double bottomed so the technical traders will capitalize on the double bottom as well [worth another couple of bucks]. Finally from a fundamental perspective, the rate of loss of sales to Amazon is subsiding as the retailers find better ways to handle amazon shoplifiting and amazon taxes and the increased improvement of BBYs website when compared to Amazon. Note that google is giving good web search results to BBYs site.

      so short term upside is around $8 from this point which prints this stock close to $20 short term but could easily be a 3 bagger as the economy turns around.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • the divi rate of 15 to 20% is a non event.....

      good point, will put alot of upward pressure on BBY now that its not 40%

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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