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  • fuhcitichien fuhcitichien Jan 1, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    BBY Will Eliminate DIVY to $0, then Pre-announce Another Very Bad Quarter.

    Then Schulze loses Private Equity funding and there will not even be a bid on the table made after Schulze yanked your chains all this time.
    $9 BBY coming then it will be nwxt Circuit City.

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    • Get ready next shoe drop bby $10

    • Watch BBY is CCircuit City they are trying to match prices like CC did and dead!!!!!

    • I wouldn't be surprised they did both of those things, but I know BBY won't be the next CC, Radio Shack might, but that is due to their managements glacier response to changing markets. Also they really missed the boat when they left the door open for Batteries Plus

      For years they were to place to go for hard to find batteries when most batteries were disposable, and failed to aggressively move into rechargeable when they took off. Now all over the country I see Battery Plus stores the size of RS stores, and that is not the only big miss RS management has made.

      As for BBY, the real issue for them is they are getting nailed by plummeting electronics prices due to China trying to take over the industry by selling goods at any price they can to drive the other Asian countries out of that segment, and lower prices mean BBY makes less money unless they can up unit sales enough to compensate. Hard to do in a good economy, almost imposable in a bad one, but this cannot continue forever. Soon this electronics trade war will end, prices will go up, so will BBY’s earnings, and the recovery of the housing market should help too.

      Sentiment: Hold

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