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  • leehab22 leehab22 Jan 14, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    Making Fun Of Short Sellers ?

    You are an idiot if you make fun of short sellers .

    These guys have Billions and Billions of dollars at their disposal. They borrow shares and sell them and barrow the same shares and sell it again . It is an endless thing . Not only that these guys buy the shares at the Ask and turn around and sell it to the bid and thus kill any bid . Watch how they destroy every body especially the small investors . Look at DNDN . They entered the stock at $40.00 and dropped it to $4.00

    A stock is safe to buy when these guys cover and leave They do fantastic analysis and are rarely wrong and they won't give up until the stock hit where they want to cover .

    When Apple was at $700.00 the short sellers said they shorted the stock and won't cover until it hits low $400.00

    This stock has a price target of $9.00 and you can bet they won't cover . Just watch and learn

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    • 100% agree, look at HGG today. Sales may be slightly down, but profit will be significantly down. I bet this stock will drop below $9. I'm a short

    • Nobody (in their right mind) is making fun of short sellers because they are doing short sales, but because they come here on the board to bash the stock and throw some bogus/twisted arguments. You will never see me bashing short seller for coming here and explaining their technical (or fundamental) reasons why they are shorting. I know they are making more money than longs, but they shouldn't be scaring long investors to jump off the ship (on huge loss) without good arguments, so they can make short small gain. If there is imbalance in pros and cons, its never good, since you need to see/hear both sides of the argument, before making the decision. Usually it is a different mind set between short term (day trader) and long term investors.

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      • It is not just short sellers . Every analysts who has spoken on CNBC is warning that this company has huge problems .

        This morning we learned that Amazon is about to expand its same day delivery and analysts said it would have extreme negative effects or brick retailers .

        Also, analyst have low price targets as low as $9.00

        Analysts do their DD and then write a note and assign a price target . They do not just pick a number .

        I hate pumpers who try to mislead people by posting stupid message such as " see you at $20.00"
        A fund may push a stock higher to deceive the public to get them to buy the stock so that this fund can unload its position .

        Best bet is buy stock with strong fundamentals and product and services in big demand .
        Look at ARMH hittigng new highs just about every day. All smart phone companies and servers are switching to ARMH chips

        Why hang your hat on a "hope " of buy out which analysts are sayiing won't happen

    • Dear LEEh:
      Who dare to make fun of you? So smart, brilliant and bright. Please continue your SHORT POSITION and add as much as you can. Since you like to BET too much.
      Yes, we will watch and learn from your INTELLIGENT.
      We will see $20.00 very soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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