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  • chessmaster315 chessmaster315 Jan 17, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    YOU CAN....

    Look out Angry Birds, Its Angry BBY shorts! Keep those shorts coming, when they cover, Best Buy will be worth even more. Did you ever consider that there is a market niche for people who want their electronic gizmos NOW? And, I guess you forgot that BBY's online business is up 10%, too. Amazon no longer has the competitive advantage of "free" sales that makes the difference much less to buy at the BBY store. Remember, too, the Post Office has big troubles so they compensate by raising rates. It isnt about a buyout, its about an over reaction by Wall Street to BBY...pricing it too cheap. The market has spoken the past 5 days, and $9 Best Buy stock has shown to be what it is...a fabricated rumor.

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    • Want your gizmos NOW? It's called Amazon same day, or WalMart, Target, Sams, Costco, Fry's.....Dumb argument.They can't compete!! Too much overhead!!!

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      • Walmart is fine...if you want popular "last years" electronics. Fry's is in extremely limited markets. Speaking of Walmart, if BBY goes belly up, like you say, why wont Walmart do likewise? Remember, the naysayers say that BBY is obsolete, that there is no need for brick and mortar stores. Walmart, like BBY has an online department. Amazon "same day" is not the same thing as "now". (By the way, BBY's online was up 10%. People can order online and pick it up at the store, and not wait for the unreliable mailman, and save postage)
        Finally, Amazon has been giving its electronics away, with too low of margins (zero). They cant keep that up, and when they do raise prices, they will be in line with BBY.
        BBY is not going away. They are the last major electronics retailer who specializes in electronics. Walmart, Target, Costco have too small of a selection of electronics.
        Dont listen to the "chicken little's" Best buy.

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