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  • hollyannatexas hollyannatexas Jan 18, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    A NICE exchange from a "I WANT IT NOW" customer...

    Honestly think stores like Best Buy are here to stay. A couple week ago I bought a 50" Plasma from Best Buy. I purchased it, put it in my car and the thing was up and running within an hour of purchase. How was I supposed to buy this online? No idea what shipping would cost and frankly I live alone and am at work all day, who the heck is going to put it in the house when it arrives. We live in a I want it now world.


    Re: Re: Re: Re: ONLINE retail only accounts for 5.2% of all retail biz..
    by hollyannatexas .

    You buy it at Costco for same or less, then go pick up dinner and snacks in the same store to enjoy while you're watching your new TV...or WalMart, or Target, or Sams, or??? A gazillion sq ft. for electronic stores is no longer needed. But BBY still has to pay for it in meantime.

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    • Oh, and yes, there is no Costco here. Good luck getting electronics advice from a Walmart worker who was in shoes the day before and fishing tackle the day before that. At Best Buy, I get current electronics, not last years leftovers from Walmart. Of course, last years technology is cheaper than the good stuff. There is a reason its cheaper. Cheaper is not always better. Many companies have a "market niche", and Best Buy does that well. They sell products to guys "from Missouri" who want to "see it work" before they buy, not just read online reviews.

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    • Costco/Sams = you have to pay to be a member, and TV there costs more.
      WalMart/Target - good luck with selection in store

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      • Now you're going into the abyss.."TV there costs more" (Costco/Sams). From warehouse wholesalers you pay to join? Sorry, no. I'm a member at both and that's simply not true. Unless of course you are comparing to a Dynex BBY is giving away to compete.

        Plenty of selection at Target and Walmart, at comparable prices and they have greatly expanded that area in stores. Well publicized. Sorry, as we and say in Texas, " That dog won't hunt". : )

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