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  • hollyannatexas hollyannatexas Jan 25, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    BBY HEADS.. Serious Questions????

    Other than buying a TV at BBY (I wouldn't buy a TV online either, Costco and better warranty for me), what else do you buy at Best Buy these days? Accessories? (they're cheaper online), Music? DVD's? Tablets? PCs? Software? Hardware? ALL CHEAPER ONLINE.You enjoy spending more of your hard earned money on price, your time, upselling hassle and fuel at BBY? Forget tax.

    How does BIG BOX ELECTRONICS SURVIVE? Aren't the isles getting wider and wider? Other retailers and clubs are maximizing their sq. ft by offering us other goods while expanding electronics at same or lower prices with better warranty. Repair is not free at BBY. Why step foot in a BBY?

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    • Think it's obvious from lack of lucid answers here from longs that my rhetorical questions are valid.

    • Did you do any research other than using your own imagination before shorting BBY? You would not have needed to beg for answers here if you had read just of BBY' reports. You don't think BBY made up all their sales figures or all BBY customers are less smart than you, did you?

    • Other than very cheap Accessories like headphones or similar items, I will never buy anything online anymore such places like ebay or amazon. I rather pay the extra few bucks and get the convinence of easily returning my item at my local Best Buy for example. I had several issues with buying items on Amazon or Ebay, and then had the hassle of begging to return my item and not worth the money.

      Best buy could do a bit better and improve the shopping experience and compete with these online retailers. They will I am sure.
      Another thing Best Buy should do is start triming on locations. Example, there are over 10 Best Buy stores within 2-mile radius and that's too many and they can trim down on this and you will see the stock improve greatly.

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    • Money talks and BS walks...and investors have spoken with their wallets, raising the the price of BBY shares about 30% year to date, with a nice chunk of that occurring today, even tho you predicted the opposite. Fortunately, most of them do not think like you, bringing out the negatives (real or imagined) at every turn. Shorties have been "swimming upstream" and not able to make any headway, in fact, many of them have been "washed away" drowned in debt created by their short position. While you could have profited by shorting BBY at one time, the time for that has long since passed.
      Its okay if you want to keep shorting and one listens to your bashing and your shorting just makes more money for us longs. Keep on trying to swim upstream if you like, it just makes longs more money when you cover.

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      • 1 Reply to chessmaster315
      • Oh please, enough of your silly 2013 figure. 20 biz days, seriously? lol This once proud issue has crashed over 50% in 18mos. You keep ignoring the fundamentals here and you will crash too.

        Can't answer the questions, can you? Just ridiculous posts like . "Amazon has more overhead" and Costco and Sams are equated as same big box as BBY? LOL!

        Think you're a "stuckholder" like the rest and drank too much Schulze Kool-Aid.Good luck! : )

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    • Is that What you learn at SMU? I think That MBA does not worth a ....... . Just Short AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Make my day..... . GO BUY AMAZon with 3380 PE that is what they teach you in SMU......
      See you at $20.00 very soon.

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