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  • mollsonz mollsonz Feb 3, 2013 6:58 AM Flag

    Went to Best Buy for the first time in years

    First there's a jocked out older (maybe 30's) wearing a yellow shirt to greet you saying 'welcome to best buy'. Then you notice the rest of the staff: young, buff, extremely good looking people wearing different brightly colored shirts. Like Star Trek. And a lot of bald heads. The trouble starts when you ask a question: nobody knows a dam thing. I asked for a SATA cable and no one knew what I was talking about. The embryo that waited on me disappeared for a few seconds, and suddenly rematerialized to point me to a rack one isle over. Then while he hemmed and hawed around, I took the time to scan around and found the cable while he was attempting to show me something that had nothing to do with what I wanted. I could have gotten the cable online a lot cheaper, but I needed it then. I thanked him and headed for the checkout which was 'manned' by two cuties, but first I had to figure out the arrows pointing in opposite directions that said 'checkout'. Not going back anytime soon.

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    • Nice fictional story liar.

    • best buy has problems that they are trying to work through, but it looks like you have problems that you should also try to work through.

    • I worked for a retailer for years, There were over 50k products just in the store, not to mention probable another 100k online available to purchase. And every once in awhile you would get this customer who demands to know where a particular product is in the 128k s/f store, down to the inch and the price. Thank god you didn't quiz him on the price as soon as you stepped into the store. He would not have known that either. Just remember, when visiting any retailer, be pleasant, be kind, be aware they are just people trying to earn a buck. The good ones, want to help, want to be quick and want to learn, even if they are only getting paid $8-$10 a hour. If you find one that does not want to quickly help and learn from the trip, then you can talk with the manager. Bet you didn't do that either. Or maybe your anti-social or a tax evader then you should be shopping at Amazon and not supporting your local community. Then I would say stay away from all stores, they do not want you as a customer anyway.

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      • I also worked in retail for a long time. I could tell you where anything was in sporting goods and automotive and most of the time the price. If you asked me where a specific toy was or a power tool, departments on both sides of me I could point you in the direction but that is about it.

        I have been to BBY stores and the first person I ask don't always know where something is but they always find out one way or another.

    • Part of your "bad" experience may have come from the fact that you were looking for a part for a product that is dinosaur technology to the young people at the stores.

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