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  • hollyannatexas hollyannatexas Feb 8, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Whatever happened to articulate longs?????????

    Dinosaur business model here indefensible? ; ) Paid basher? If you mean when reality hits and this thing tumbles again due to dead biz model...Yes, I will get paid with my short position! Only growth here is online. FACT.: )

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You again? My God where do you find the energy? Must be from just sitting around the computer all day and shopping on AMZN. Go out and interact socially.

      Ok...I'll bite.

      Your incessant dribble forces me to once again repeat myself.

      Broken business model? Really? $50 billion in annual sales in just CE and home appliances says otherwise.

      What's AMZN's business model? Use an unfair tax advantage to aggressively undercut the prices of its traditional brick and mortar competition?

      Well guess what? THAT business model will be extinct soon.

      The Marketplace Fairness Act will finally force AMZN to lose its largest competitive advantage.

      The only reason that your AMZN became so large and successful is a result of this completely unfair tax policy.

      In Illinois - where I live - consumers can save 9.75% on every purchase made through AMZN from a retailer that has no physical presence in the state.

      9.75%! That's huge. How can you not acknowledge that? Every single purchase, an Illinois resident can save 9.75%. Almost 10% off every item.

      Currently only 8 states collect internet sales tax:

      Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, Texas, Washington, California and Pennsylvania.

      In the most recent states that adopted the tax collection policy, CA, TX and PA, Best Buy saw their sales increase between 4-6%. That's huge.

      Imagine the positive impact to sales when the remaining 42 states begin collecting all taxes on on-line purchases?

      Why do you keep dismissing these FACTS?

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      • bought back some more today when it was touching 20 day MA but will sell that if pushes down to 15.......I may not be articulate but at sub-12 this was an easy short term buy. Whether buyout or not, the only question at these levels is, can a company that has declining rev. (lol. only 50 B) survive. I say, they can close several underperforning big box stores, keep the ones that work well and concentrate on rev. sources (online and mobile stores) that have less overhead. You say, in the process....they will go bust cuz the biz. model is dead........I say it isn't dead, just evolving but really this is just a trade for me.

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