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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Mar 29, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Geek Squad Compliment

    A few weeks ago I bashed GS for a bad repair job, but time is due to give good words on a job well repaired on return of product. It was a Lenovo laptop for a customer, and just needed warranty repair of Windows 7 reinstallation, which GS did at no charge. It took a bit longer, perhaps 2 weeks really, but not only was it done right and well but their email communication on status was first rate. So I will give this much maligned group a thumbs UP on this one. Only fair to do so.

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    • The Geek Squad is much too slow completing any repairs. Maybe they're understaffed, but for what BB charges for a Geek Squad contract they should pumping out their work much more quickly. People pay good money for their computers, and if they pony up for the GS contract, all items that must be physically returned for repair, especially within warranty , deserve immediate attention.

      I once waited over 2 weeks for a relatively new top line HP PC to be repaired, and I needed it for business purposes. Now I use an online repair service who is inexpensive and repairs my PC from a remote location. They are fast and start work as soon as I contact them.

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      • I've never bought anything from BBY larger than an Xbox about 2 years ago so I wouldn't know about their service but I agree with you they are understaffed. I used to see multiple trucks in the lot at my local BBY now I see one truck parked there overnight. The Geek Squad was the first thing that was cut about a year or so ago. Now it's obvious that there are barely half the blue shirts when I went 3 weeks ago on Sunday afternoon to look around the store. Cost cutting works at first but ends up hurting service in the end and that's always true but I think they have no choice. A lot of struggling companies are in the same mode look and the Postal Service,Sears/K-Mart, supermarkets and many mall retailers. It's a fact of life in a slow economy.

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