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  • pctn25x pctn25x Dec 20, 2013 1:36 PM Flag

    ObamaCare: Keep From Getting Clobbered if You're Under 40

    We all know the story: Younger people are having to pay twice to 3 times their actual "insurable risk" for their health insurance policies in order to pay for huge subsidies for Obama's supporters...

    ... eg: the old and sick americans who have been living off the money provided by the huge national debt that americans under 40 are going to have to spend the rest of their lives to pay off for them.

    Any way you look at it, people under 40 are getting absolutely SQREWED by our Socialist president.

    So, what you do is exploit the weaknesses that are presented by the Obamacare wealth re-distribution law.

    If you're healthy, then don't Sign UP for Obamacare. Most things that happen suddenly don't usually HAPPEN to younger people... like heart attacks. I would advise that you buy PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection) from your auto insurance carrier, however, in case you're in a car accident (it's cheap insurance that covers medical expenses if you're hurt).

    If, during the year, a medical issue comes up, then remember that each fall, Obamacare HAS to accept you with your brand-new, pre-existing condition... so... buy health insurance WHEN YOU NEED IT, but... NOT WHEN YOU DON'T.

    For those who are nervous about being under-insured, I suggest you buy a policy in January, then re-assess the need for it in the spring. If you havn't paid on the deductable by April or May, then cancel the policy, because you'd have to pay the deductable ANYWAY if something came up over the summer... and you then have FEWER months to wait for the next open enrollment when they HAVE to take your pre-existing condition.

    Bottom Line: Because ObamaCare was designed to Clobber you, just use what you need, and "exploit" the rest of Obamacare's weaknesses, until the whole thing goes Bankrupt because only sick and lazy people are signing up full time.

    You can't do anything about the huge national debt Obama put on your shoulders, but you CAN do something about Obamacare.


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