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  • masleym Dec 18, 2009 11:13 AM Flag

    Wonder what that pumper chrisbaker thinks of BMNM now

    total loss of $$ for some bogus dividend!

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    • listen buddy . I do not know how you guys trade . ?
      I have bought this at 26. and 50 cenxt for Long term .
      Total investment is 3800 dollars minues my 600 dollars div that I got paid last month and minus the 650 dollars that I am getting in Jan 2010 ..
      this is for 10000 shares
      so i bought 10000 shares for 2800 dollars net / . now the price of stock is 26 cents . if it goes higher . I have made money . if not , this like all those options that i lost money on them. but risk ad reward is much better then those options. There was another basher told me same thing about HGSI at 46 censt

      " Which Ediot is gonna buy this piece of sh**t ?"
      Well I am the ediot that bough the HGSI at .46 cents and sold it at 4.70 ( too damn early .
      now that basher or short has been shut up for a while ..

      You never know what will be next in the market . this is the gamboling that we all do . but I think risk vs reward on this stock is much much better then buying options or short this stock .
      i hope I cpould get my point across


      this stock is not for day trading .

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