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  • superbowl6wins superbowl6wins Feb 10, 2014 6:17 PM Flag

    Reply to sillysally

    We do look at things in a different way. You look at company operations, products and personal. I look at products and the numbers I could care less how they get there. Last year OESX had 3 upside earnings surprises 200%,200% and 50% one losing quarter. RVLT had only one profitable quarter in 4 years. Profit margin and operational margin for RVLT (-74 and-24) for OESX 3% and 4%. Cash on hand RVLT 5.7M for OESX19.3M. Operating cash flow RVLT (-7.4) for OESX 18.1M RVLT Book Value 0.21 for OESX BV $3.98 . Return on assets RVLT (-10), OESX 2.5% RVLT has no PE or PEG because they never have a profit. OESX PE is 31 and PEG 2.38

    I could go on and on why OESX is the better choice to me anyway but they are not even close to BK. I think both companies will "get there" just that I think OESX will do it faster. The hit on the PPS was because of the lower quidance and the stock offering which they may use at anytime to buy a company they feel they need. Hey I could be wrong and you may be right ,it will be fun to find out !. Good Luck !

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