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  • uwin2day4gd uwin2day4gd Mar 8, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    Just talked to a long service time CSX employee and he said

    They are going to cut off more week end off jobs.Why ?To supposedly decrease overtime.The truth being to prevent employees from being with their familes on 2 off days.The bizarre anti employee attitude extends to the top of the corporate structure.Some companies treat employees with respect and benefit greatly from it.In the long run the bad attitude will hurt CSX in low moral and decreased production.This attitude is not just in one employee but in the majority of the non management employees.The pay and benefits are substantial but when the employee gets ready to go to work he just doesn't want to put on his shoes.

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    • so quit and go to work somewhere else... I did... left in '85 and so glad I did.... the RR is a miserable place to work... management is largely rednecks that don't have to wear their names on their shirts anymore and the union is worthless!!

    • Mabey you should start going to union meetings. They have to have a certian percentage of weekend rest day jobs that could be just one. It's nothing new. It's been going on since railroads began. It's an issue the unions have to handle. What does weekend rest days & OT have to do with anything? My last two years I had tue-wed off on a yard job. I made OT just about everyday including weekends in fact most times I doubled over for 4 hours punitive rate because no one on the X-board. Your conspiracy theory doesn't make sense. If spending time with family is another conspriracy theory you have that CSX is purposely keeping you from them it's time to find another job. It's a railroad everyone knew before hiring that time away from home is a reality. To bad you didn't know the oldheads when I hired out. They worked 90-120 days straight they were hardcore. Never complained. No such thing as rest days. Seems people have more time off but have become soft.

    • johnholecz Mar 10, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

      UWIN is either Theo or his brother who works for CSX.

    • "They are going to cut off more week end off jobs.Why ?To supposedly decrease overtime"
      I'm glad that CSX is reacting to 'saving money' where it can. The US Post Office made a deal with it's unions for a 'no layoff policy', and they lose billions of dollars a year because they can't effectively manage their manpower resources.

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