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  • leapinlizards32 leapinlizards32 Dec 23, 2008 7:43 PM Flag

    Bad Economy good for LQDT?

    As businesses go bankrupt, wouldn't the liquidation market grow?

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    • FYI I dont hold this stock, I typically play shipping stocks which have rebounded nicely lately but I looked at this ticker for one reason. I have purchased goods from the auction site. today I chose to look at upcoming auctions. There was a HUGE increase in the amount of auctions I saw. There was several ending per hour a couple months back. Now there auctions ending every couple of minutes. So then I looked up the company info and got the ticker symbol. Id like to play this especially right now with economy. glta

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      • Great info/question! The question is how many buyers, are there to handle the added auctions? I am still fixing the stuff I bought last september?? Out of 6 auctions approx. 40 items ? I have 11 items that can sell as is, the other 29 have to have parts ordered, and installed! If you get 40000 buyers, i would love to know the retention rate? You can not sell junk to individuals with out any basic repair skills . I expect lots of auctions ending soon minimum bids low sales, mean low revenue. I'd stay away. the company costumer service is a real experience.

    • Sure, but Liquidation would sell shelves and equipment, that is used. The products would go to places like "Big Lots" ", and "FRYS" The Ldqt would not get cream of the crop, they get the harder stuff to sell, and single items, not whole lots.

    • LQDT should end up with lots of product but the question is how many buyers are still out there looking for bulk product. Ebay will have the oppositie many sellers will pay the fees.

      It still needs to be seen the total effect of the new DRMO contract and the costs to LQDT to handle that business.

      Challenging environment but only time will tell on how successful LQDT will be.

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      • I like their balance sheet.. According to Yahoo Key Statistics, $63m cash, $66k debt, levered free cash flow of over $20m. Not too many growth companies out there with good balance sheets these days! shows their three month website traffic up 9%, overall sales & marketing expenses should decrease as the online ad market slumps. They have a lot of employees, I'm sure there is room for operational efficiencies - they have the cash to improve technology.

        Seems pretty solid to me.. It will be interesting to hear their earnings release tomorrow. I got in @ $7.13, will hold for a bit.

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