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  • bs572 bs572 Jul 29, 2005 3:02 PM Flag

    Recent Nicobar Earthquake

    ORacle: Most rigs use Digital single axis or tri-axis accelerometers which are run off the central data console.

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    • BS572: From an operational perspective, what function do the Digital single axis or tri-axis accelerometers serve on the drilling rig?

      Are they part of the dynamic positioning navigation control system??

      I'm trying very hard to understand your previous post concerning what equipment on board the drilling rig coupled with a naturally earth-sourced seismic event could provide some type of structural definition or lateral extent of a hydrocarbon reservoir.

      So far it does not make sense to me. Please explain in more detail.

    • More technical jargon to cover up the fact that we have no data. Gentlemen or ladies wherever you are please give me the facts and data not keep telling me that the news is going to come soon. Because I have heard none and believe in none till I have the facts and data