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  • yogalad_returns yogalad_returns Dec 23, 2005 5:50 PM Flag


    Very few actually. I've had a lot of luck with my longs this year which is unusual though most I've already sold (I tend to trust far more my choices in shorts).

    Currently I'm long-

    JCTCF, MIND, AERTA, BSM and FORD (. . . oops!)

    My largest shorts in order of size are-


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    • I had some royl made about$200,had some mpet that was a joke.Bcon made about $900.I only have my 401k to play with,its not that big 11k.GGr made me 5k so far,I have a stop loss in at 12.

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      • Congrats on the GGR, and hey we all gotta start somewhere.

        Here's some advice not directed to you in particular that you'll never see on a message board (nobody wants to admit they're not junior Warren Buffetts)- self-directed trading of stocks is a funny thing. Most people are not good at it. They feed money into the system to the few who are. Whenever I tell people that my profession is stock speculator they're always interested in how they too might make it in the market. I always advise them not to do it unless they like giving money away to people like me.

        If they need further proof I try to explain that stock trading is pretty much a zero-sum game; for every winner there's a loser. I ask them 'assuming like most people you know at least the rudiments of five-card draw would you then based on that go out and pay $10k for a seat at the LV World Series of Poker? No? They'd eat your lunch right? Okay because that's what you're doing when you trade stocks; betting that you know more than the person holding the other hand. The question is do you really?'

        Good luck and keep that 12.00* stop loss. It should be low enough that they won't pick it just on an intraday scalp.

        * Better to hide behind a round number, say 11.92, since other's buy orders at 12 might mean your current order gets triggered at a bottom bounce that doesn't penetrate 12.