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  • whack_moles whack_moles Jan 30, 2006 2:01 AM Flag

    Is it me?

    <<You might be right, this might be the "year" for XEC vs the other E&P's, but I have been hearing that for over 2 yrs..... just like I keep hearing that Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel are finally going to take off.....>>

    How ironic, those are all good companies with solid sales and earnings, but you do not believe in their future.

    And GeoGlobal had not even made a penny of sales for as many years as you can see.

    But yet you are not concerned at all. How ironic?

    Just for your information, this is not the first time this penny stock got pumped above $10.

    This penny stock was pumped up above $10, dumped back down to penny stock status a few times already.

    And if you have been paying attention, many of the Strong Buy pumpers here are pumping other penny stocks now.

    They are probably out of this stock already. They are just using this board to pump their other penny stocks, but still keep posting Strong Buys to fool dummies into thinking they are your friends.

    You better get out of this stock as soon as you can before it falls back down to penny stock status again.