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  • whack_moles whack_moles Jan 28, 2006 6:23 PM Flag

    Having a hard time beathing Whacker?

    <<Sucking air with your MLR short today? Like you did yesterday? Admit it you failed. You came to this board way to late to have any measurable effect. Rumor has it that you won't be around this board very much longer. You are now completely on ignore. >>

    Oneupws, I told you idiot twice that I shorted MLR twice and made money both times. I know when to short an overbought stock and when to cover when it is oversold.

    I made my money in MLR shorts. And I am making money here too. And this stock is still overbought that is why I am still shorting GGR.

    GGR will most likely go below $8.5 before it reaches oversold.

    And just to help dummies like oneupws understand that I do not have any position in MLR since many weeks ago.

    Why don't you guys all sell GGR and go buy MLR?

    MLR has been going up and up in the past few days.

    Sell GGR and Buy MLR.