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  • whack_moles whack_moles Jan 30, 2006 9:28 PM Flag

    to all ggr military

    Thanks for all the GGR military guys providing personal info here.

    I was hoping some of the top rumor spreaders like warningseason, the_rallymonkey, OracleAtDelphi, futurewlth, fbojeda, etc. can provide some personal information, so that when SEC or lawyers hunt them down, it would be easier.

    I guess they are not as dumb as you guys.

    Brave is good as a solider, but stupidity could get you killed in the market.

    Learn to read financial reports:

    This company is not selling oil.
    This company is not selling gas.
    This company had no revenue for years, but it had been losing money every year.
    The only things this company is selling are stocks to dumb buyers like you.