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  • badboy78244 badboy78244 Feb 28, 2006 8:06 AM Flag

    just speculating

    that when GGR was brought to Cramer's attention; he was all over this. Perhaps he sicked his boys Yoga, Caton et al. to short the living daylights out of this. Also speculating that there is some relationship, even remotely, with Jefferies. Recall none of these guys appeared until after Cramer covered this. Just pure conjecture, I know, but possibilities....

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    • Log onto www,
      to lodge a complaint against Cramer, the hedge funds and Jeffries who blatently stole GGRls investors money. The naked shorting abuse has been going on for years. The hedgies and the sleazy investment banks like Jeffries are in in bed together.

      The grapefruit league is over for SEC Chairman Chris Cox and his turn to bat in the big leagues has come. Today Chairman Cox is at a crossroad where he can either confirm his critics concerns that he is a politician in the wrong place or he can silence the critics by stepping out and acting like the top regulator of this nation.On or about February 6, 2006 SEC Director of Enforcement Linda Thomsen approved the release of three subpoenas against members of the financial press. The three members of the press included Dow Jones columnists Herb Greenberg and Carol Remond as well as CNBC Mad Money Host and co-founder of James Cramer. The SEC's Division of Enforcement has been reportedly involved in aninvestigation into Gradient Analytics, Rocker partners, and others for several months now and had presumably issued these subpoenas based on evidence uncovered during the course of their investigation. The news of the subpoenas was kept quiet until one of the recipients, Herb Greenberg of Dow Jones affiliate, reported on the issue last Friday, February 24. The result of Mr. Greenberg's public display of disapproval created a firestorm of support from the remainder of the financial media citing constitutional rights and �witch-hunt� conspiracy theoies. Within hours of the news hitting Greenberg�s column, Greenburg was updating it with word the SEC had backed off their demands for now.By Monday, the news was widely circulated and Chairman Cox, speaking on behalf of the Commission, politely rebuked his enforcement staff for taking such actions in the issuance of a subpoena to members of the financial press prior to obtaining Commission approval. Thomsen who had declined all comments Monday did speak to the LA times on Tuesday and provided the public with insight into the inner workings of SEC politics at the top. In an interview, she maintained that SEC subpoenas were issued only after careful consideration."We don't issue subpoenas willy-nilly," Thomsen said. "Without regard to any particular investigation, we're going to do it with great care, based on where the evidence is taking us.� . So will Chairman Cox have the courage to go to bat for his second in command and seek out needed investigations into matters such as these? For more on this issue please visit the Host site at .

    • No you're quite perceptive, I did cover 3,700 and bought back my Mar calls. I don't view GGR as a slamdunk so I've never taken a large position.

      While I like to stay diversified (40+ positions- although only 3 are long) so that it behooves me to keep some GGR I do find better trades out there. That is why I probably won't go above 10k short on GGR unless we get another rumorfed run to 14.

    • I wouldn't be down $30k, I'd be down $15k.

      And that falls well within my daily ups and downs of my overall portfolio.

    • << With a tiny 6,000 short shares it wouldn't feel like much. >>

      Appears, Yogalad, that you've covered part of your short. As I recall, you were 9700 short at one point right after FEB options expiry. Were you seeing any reason to cover, or just seeing other shorting opportunities? Just wondering. . .

    • <I really don't care. Someone already asked me how I would feel if it gapped up to $14. So what? With a tiny 6,000 short shares it wouldn't feel like much.>

      Being almost down $30k and you would not care, now that's B.S.

    • I really don't care. Someone already asked me how I would feel if it gapped up to $14. So what? With a tiny 6,000 short shares it wouldn't feel like much.

      I'm not the one posting over and over and over trying to rumor-up a stock.

    • "But for the little penny moves in GGR? No one cares. It's just 'noise'."

      That's kinda what I was come you care...

    • And naturally having glimpsed examples now and then of gross manipulation and outright theft in other stocks you extrapolate this to explain what you don't understand about why this stock moves the 'wrong' way.

      If the entire market is as rigged as you seem to think it is why do you even bother to invest? Because if that were indeed really the case then being not in the know you can only lose.

      I'm not saying there isn't plenty of isolated cases of manipulation particularly in the low float stocks momos seem to love. But most of that appears to come in sudden up spikes for no apparent reason that'll drive a stock up 50 - 150% (which we then short) before it slowly returns to earth. Or take a CHNR which saw its trading volume jump from 6,000 a day to 2m two days BEFORE they announced a reverse merger. There it's easy to quantify the manipulation (and the SEC is looking into CHNR).

      But for the little penny moves in GGR? No one cares. It's just 'noise'.

    • "There's always hidden forces lurking, manipulating, and stealing from poor defenseless shareholders."

      You must be living in medieval times if you do not believe that this happens everyday of the week....listen to the news, there are some on trial right now for manipulating and stealing from poor defenseless shareholders!!!

    • One of the more cogent posts yoga. Thanks

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