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  • joyfull888 joyfull888 May 3, 2006 4:53 AM Flag

    1,894 trillion cubic metres

    [According to this article, this is the estimate by the Union Minister of Oil and Gas of how much offshore resource gas there is in India. To convert a cubic metre into cubic feet, you must multiply by 35.31. This prediction therefore suggests that there are 66,877 tcf. Just to place this into context, if the KG#8 discovery is 20tcf, then it suggests that the total gas hydrates offshore would be more than 3,300 times that discovery. How much of that is recoverable is another question. Joyfull888]

    Drill research ship to sail on May 3
    Our Bureau

    MR MURLI DEORA (centre), Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Mr M.B. Lal, Chairman and Managing Director, HPCL, and Dr Timothy S. Collett, of the US Geological Survey, on board the research vessel JOIDES Resolution in Mumbai on Sunday. � Shashi Ashiwal

    Mumbai , April 30

    The scientific research drill ship `JOIDES Resolution,' hired by India to explore deep-sea gas hydrate reserves, would sail from here on May 3 to commence drilling operations.

    Addressing the media on Sunday, Mr Murli Deora, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, said that total prognosticated resource of offshore gas hydrates in India was 1,894 trillion cubic metres, 1,900 times the country's current gas reserves.

    The exploration would be conducted under the National Gas Hydrate Program (NGPH) of the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons. Even if the country is able to tap one per cent of the estimated gas hydrate reserves, our energy requirement for the coming decades can be met, he said.

    The drilling and exploration would be carried out by Indian and international scientists. Dr Timothy S. Collett, Research Geologist of the US Geological Survey, chief scientist of the exploration team, said the ship would explore prospective gas hydrate fields along the western coast in Konkan, the Krishna Godavari basin, Mahanadi and areas around the Andaman seas.

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