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  • woodnstream woodnstream May 25, 2006 6:30 PM Flag

    some points

    first, I would like to say that caton and his crew, including #$%$ should be ashamed of urging people to sell GGR on the days before it gained 20% in pps, closing near the high.
    People who followed their spurious, self-serving and mendacious advice lost a great opportunity.

    second, and more generally, my one-year observation of ownership here at GGR is that a solid core of investors lies at the base, people who believe (justifiably) in JP Roy, eminent in his field and above reproach ethically, who believe in India's commitment to growth and energy independence, who understand the multiple secondary indicators that this field is loaded with NG, and who understand that there are still many more holes to drill and several other major fields to explore. For these investors, the pps from week to week doesn't matter and they will certainly not sell at $5 or even $10.

    I believe the recent capitulation cleared out every other holder but this bedrock type of GGR investor and that a pretty firm $5 downside is established in GGR regardless of news, good, bad or indifferent regarding the current dig.

    With a $1.5 downside from here versus a quite spectacular upside that many others have looked at and commented on before, GGR is a very nice long-term, intermediate term and short-term value.

    I have always stayed long GGR though my position is sometimes very small, and when these ridiculous bargain points come up, I greatly expand out the size, as I did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

    So, at least for today, I am a genius, albeit rather profane and totally lacking in political correctitude.


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    • woodstream: I have consistently urged buying near an established support which was under $4. I had no recommendations about selling and there is nothing for me to be ashamed about.

      The vulnerability of this weeks low is dependent on the length of any more delays and also the result.

      Both have inherent risks. Please feel free to advise or believe that there are no risk. That is fine by me. But do give me the right to disagree with that.!