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  • bluekat696 bluekat696 Jan 31, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Dead... going to? They are not drilling whatsoever....

    It is a scam.

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    • That's not the case - Deen Dayal is completing the production refinishing of the first 5 wells, and putting the last delivery infrastructure in place - significant quantities of gas are scheduled to be sold starting in late July - GGR will have $100k a day in revenues this fall

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      • Orange:

        In the past it was stated it would take 2-3 years to pay off the Carried Interest before GGR could collect revenues. Recently, the price of gas has been allowed to rise to the $8 per BTU range (we're assuming that the increase would apply to GSPC). This, you said, would drastically shorten the time GGR would begin receiving revenues. Are you able to calculate that they will begin to collect revenues that quickly (autumn)? That would be truly amazing. Also, tying in the rest of the Tarapur G wells should help. Do you have an estimate on the total monthly revenue from it once the tie-in occurs? I know we can't predict when the Indian government will get off its politically motivated bureaucratic #$%$, but how soon after approval would the tie-in complete and the greater revenue begin to flow?