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  • slipperydevils slipperydevils Sep 12, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    GSPC's Deen Dayal discovery, Part-VI: Operator and MC fail to see eye to eye on procurement methodology

    Sept 12: An attempt by the GSPC to modify the procurement methodology for sourcing of goods and services in the block KG-OSN-2001/3 has been rejected by the Management Committee (MC).

    The MC has asserted that the revised procurement manual forwarded by the operator cannot be approved in the present form. Earlier, the DGH's had opined that the manual seeks "blanket permission" for purchase of materials and services.

    A lot has been going on with regard to GSPC's effort to get the revised procurement manual approved. The manual was first submitted in January 2013, subsequent to which queries were raised by the DGH. 8GSPC did reply to these queries subsequent to which meetings were held with the regulator in which the provisions were debated upon at length.

    Subsequently, the procurement manual was revised for the second time incorporating DGH's suggestions but even this has been found to be unsatisfactory by the regulator and further revisions were sought.

    Eventually, the MC withheld permission for the new manual.

    The DGH has said that any modification in the procurement procedures is possible only in accordance with Article 8.3(f) and 23.2 of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC).

    The DGH has also informed that it is examining the operator's request for approval of following procurement cases on nomination basis:
    --Contract for providing technical support and consultancy for HF design, execution and completion of development wells to Blade Energy
    --Purchase of chemical cutter locator for development wells from Halliburton Offshore Services
    --Hiring of milling and retrieving tools services for 7" HPHT bridge plug, FB-3 packer & PBR tools
    --Up-gradation and procurement of G&G related software