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  • gulder7 gulder7 Jun 25, 2008 12:24 PM Flag

    empire H2O

    in previous sec filings bwtr says it has invested in ewcr for monetary benefit. anyone have a good idea as to what is going to happen to this "investment?" is there anything of value at ewcr?

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    • Scam scam superscam. Just look at their accounts recievable including something they call long term unbilled recievables. They are increasing by many millions while sales drop like a rock. These will never be collected imo and these scam artists will run out of cash in about a year. I cannot believe the dopes and water monkeys that support the current stock pprice. By all info this thing should be trading for about cash value or under a dollar.

    • Teamgreenservices, I don't think this is one that you would use technical analysis to base your investment, unless you are in it only for a trade, and don't expect to be in it long enough to get clobberred by fundamentals. The fundamentals are gruesome, and indicate to me this company is a scam: declining revenues, falling margins, burning cash.

    • Im looking to get involved here. Chart is basing.

    • Suedunnam, I think you misunderstood my question. You originally stated on 6/25:

      ". . . When California is desperate to improve infrastructure, that looks like a nice asset."

      Because the discussion thread was about EWCR, I assumed that you referred to EWCR as "a nice asset". I then asked if you might identify what is the 'nice asset' held by EWCR, not what is your definition of your term 'nice asset'.

      Now, perhaps you could indicate what you think is the 'nice asset' held by EWCR?

    • I'm new to this name, and love the water area. Why do you say this is a scam? As I see it the CEO has an A+ pedigree from USF, and has been taking the necessary hits to get the unprofitable contracts off the books, and bringing in new people to grow the biz. Yes, it is show me time, but I don't see where you see scam. Please advise.

    • Good one. EWCR is an even bigger scam than BWTR. BWTR's former CEO, who masterminded the BWTR scam, is now CEO of EWCR. Before he jumped ship, BWTR sold some assets to EWCR. Besides those assets, EWCR has nothing, no operations, no history. It is a penny stock, and the scamsters will try to make something of it.