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  • medici1248 medici1248 May 12, 2010 1:39 PM Flag


    There are way too many first time posters out there. I wish I had the IT skills to track IP addresses. I would love to call you out. Another board I was on, the guy did it, and made half the posters look like idiots.

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    • I may appear new here, but I last posted in February recommending not to buy TPI. Turns out, I made the right call. TPI was still on my watch list, so I popped back in to check on the earnings report.

      I see the same conspiracy theories on all the boards. You don't want to accept that there are a lot of people that are selling TPI, and a lot of people that evaluated TPI and decided not to buy. Because you don't want to accept the truth, you cook up a wild theory that all these people are actually one crackpot creating new aliases all day long. In your distorted view of the world, everyone except the crackpot thinks TPI is a great stock. And should you ever hear otherwise in the future, it's just that lone crackpot again with a new identity.

      Successful investors embrace reality.

    • tcreate May 12, 2010 1:48 PM Flag

      So who do you think they are? List 'em and maybe somebody here has the skills.

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