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  • rangerdude21222 rangerdude21222 Dec 29, 2001 2:15 PM Flag

    Emery loses Drugs

    It looks as though Emery had a severe service failure last week when nine cases of Oxycontin worth about $800,000 are missing in New Jersey. Oxycontin is a powerfull pain killer that can last up to 12 hours and is real popular with the "Rave" crowd. Abusers crush the drug and either snort or inject. It seems as though the drugs simply never arrived to their destination. Federal authorities are investigating the crime. Could it be that Emery has found a new source of revenue? At least we know that their service still sucks.

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    • Yes its true. Must say that of all the CBOB regime, Moss was one of the least objectionable. He was more of an Industrial Engineer than an Ops VP, but at least didn't get in the way like most of the other Cbob crew. Actually contributed some things to the effort - but am really surprised he lasted as long as he did under Dennis II. Its back to basics now, survival mode, like it needs to be.

    • that Mossy ( hub/ fleet/svc VP ) is gone from BAX? Or is this a rumor?

      not many of cbob's superstar hires are left

      keep the good news coming - good for the stock
      and company morale

      will keep the ear tuned for more announcements
      one day at a time ..............

    • John Willford is a young man, I believe in his late 30's to early 40's. That to me means he has a vested interest in the long term perfomance of EWW/MWW.
      Many changes are on the way. Our new sales team will be unleashed shortly, New uniforms for all the hourly employees, bearing the "Menlo" name will also be in the near future.
      There will be a new Green and Red in the near future.

    • rd21222:

      I believe that Emery also has just turned the corner on moving forward based on the new upper management of John Williford from Menlo Logistics. From what we have seen in emails he as sent out since the change several weeks ago, it looks like he will be very sales oriented and seems to be very open and personable. We have unfortunately had a CNF loser take over for a year or so and he did nothing to help us whatsoever. He now has gone back to his cave at CNF as the CFO which is scary as it is. But with no personality or business operations or sales sense, he was worthless to our cause. We will be much better off I believe going forward and the ramp management team I have talked to say the same thing.

      The BAX hub is a small replica of the Emery hub and not set up nearly as well according to some hourly folks. We have a person or two that worked up their in the last couple of years and they had nothing good to say about upper management at the hub. But they did say there were some very good people there working.

      Let us all hope there is enough business to go around to keep us all employed and healthy.

    • Hello fraightdog and thanks for the comments. Yes, BAX went thru some difficult times and bad management. We now have a management team in place that I feel will bring us back to profitability. As for the Toledo Hub, I have worked for two other freight companies(Emery not being one) and have seen their hub operations and am able to compare. Just recently I visited the BAX Hub for the first time and found it to be well organized, well managed, and very proficient. No doubt that the Emery hub is also well run if it has more quality people such as yourself.

    • Certainly as a driver you would have a wide perspective on all that is happening in the marketplace(not). Look, it is obvious that you are a pathetic loser who has no future other then living week to week for your beer and "wrasselin" on TV. Why else would you post the same crap on both the Eagle and Emery boards? You are nothing, you amount to nothing, and you will be a nothing so please keep to your own affairs.

      Not all Emery employees are as idiotic as you and I am certain that they have many quality people. The same holds true for Eagle, Airborne, FEDEX etc. We all have our niche markets and I am convinced that BAX will be a strong and growing company in 2002. I am not interested in lowering myself to your level and will now use the ignore option as it pertains to you. Be usefull and go deliver something.

    • Emerygoesdown:Would you kindly shut the fuck up and get off this board? You're an idiot. Go to your bedroom in your momma's house, and scream "loser" at yourself over and over again until you're tired of it, since it seems to be word you are comfortable with when you are stumped over how to converse with intelligent people.
      Go get some rest now, so that you may hump some more boxes tommorrow.

    • I can only say that as an American and someone who believes in honesty and integrity that I have not used any other name to post messages on this or any other board. As a veteran who served as a miltary officer in a time of war, I value the truth and my opinions are solely those of a person who truely cares for the success of my company. In fact, I really don't care what happens with Emery

    • Oh barf me out Emerygoingunder.... if you are any example of the caliber of people working at Emery, then I feel sorry for the company and the poor customer who has to deal with it.
      You're rude & obnoxious & on IGNORE !! This is not a Ranger alias, it's just a new comer joining the conversation...

    • No offense taken. I've been on the other side where the call center took over & people in the field had to relocate here or lose their job. It wasn't fun. I agree totally that the local people have a real advantage with the local history and many customers take a while to become comfortable with the change. We are getting trained & with the help of all you nice folks in the stn, we are learning more & more. I value the stn's to help me overcome my ignorance of this field. I've probably talked with you at some point (if you call the gsc ever).... Hey, here's for happy days to all of us & big growth in this new year AND working together to create delighted customers.... (spoken like a real clone csr, right?) Cheers!

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