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  • willesmithus willesmithus Feb 16, 2002 6:21 PM Flag


    pittston co.and brinks,especially binks are going to fail, until outside hiring stops and
    letting the real people who do the work become promotable and then you can build a sound foundation,this is economics 101. the employee
    who is in the uniform and talking to the customer is in person to person, not on a conference call. that is why we are losing business and under bidded for contracts.

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    • just looking to get a good return & intelligent info ....

      actually very " pro-BAX" ...

      but - if one buys at $15, then asks for insight when the stock hits a 52 week high of $27 - does not mean that he/ she is " negative"

      nice to see BAX aggressively going after the forwarders - market share has dwindled for three years - time to get it back

      and previous postings have just been factual - sometimes we have to take the bad news along with the good - for a time, nothing but bad news and horiffic mismanagement .......
      let's just hope for some good news from these PZB cos in the future - the shareholders have grown tired but are certainly happier now than in 2000 ....

      hip hip hooray for a sunny day !

      standing by for q1 results -

    • My suggestion is for YOU to sell everything you have in this company. For everybody else, I would see a short term hold and a long term buy.

      It appears from your previous posts that you are biased against this company. So I do not see any reason for you to hold on to any positions in this company. There are many other air freight/freight forwarders that have good outlooks on the future.

      Get out now, since you are looking for an excuse to do so.

      Good luck in your future tradings.

    • does anyone have insight?

      at this stock price - and the likelihood of a poor Q1 report - I am thinking of selling here

      stock is @ 52 week high before earnings? ??

    • is back - good for Mr. Arnold

      well well well
      who will be next to return

    • The stock seems to be doing well as of late.
      Should we sell before Q1 results are announced?

      Besides the humor - this board provides little value to investors.
      Why so quiet people? Anything exciting going on @ Brinx, Bax, Coal?

      p.s. as a tribute to "camper" - I ordered a " team camper " t shirt - this does get lots of interesting comments.......... but I do enjoy the spririt and sense of redemption whenever I wear it .

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    • For Camper and all his fans, I've finally located a site to help us learn to speak (or at least get some practice reading) Campereeze.

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    • I'm familliar with section 9b3 and the likelihood of Brink's organizing, my comment was truely a red herring (I hope you didn't think I launched a two post diatribe about the impact union labor on the Pittston Company without being aware that I would find a receptive ear from a person who names themself section9b3?).

      All the more indicative of organizational thinking when when a primarily service organization (you know, a company that depends entirely on its people as its product) advances those individuals who made their name by being anti-labor (Dan, Cbob and Farrel come to mind).

    • Thank you for the very interesting insite. I remember the strike and the Addington acquisition - didnt know about the impact to the Coal business.

      I stand corrected as it relates to Mr Dans compensation.

      PS - Not much chance of Teamsters organizing Brinks as long as section 9B3 is upheld. Its the story behind Dans rise to the top. I wont bore you with the details other then to say that his record with Unions is pretty interesting given the fact that he is the son of a Union Business Agent.

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