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  • coolinv2002 coolinv2002 Jul 9, 2002 2:43 PM Flag

    Beating A Dead Horse

    Will this continued focus on some guy who "ruined the company" please stop.
    This is totally lame. He's been long gone I guess.

    I suppose it's much easier to focus on him and his also long gone team than to face reality. The problem here is there is absolutely no sign of profits - now or in the future. The business plan is broken. The management is obviously not up to the task. The industry sucks. Whatever.

    Again, why spend another penny on this dog?? Brinks on the other hand continues to just churn along making real $. They will continue to do so even in this poor market. Now and forever. Unfortunately the profits go to continue supporting a business that has been dead for a long time - BAX. Why not just bury the corpse rather than have it keep rotting in the living room?

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    • .. camper has indeed moved on ...

      It is doubtful that camper(and many others) will ever forget what the PZB CEO allowed cboob & co. to do, not only to BAX, but to many great employees ... too much personal harm was done too just say "ok - that's corp America"..
      The same CEO is still in charge, and last time I checked ... he has not issued an apology to anyone, to my knowledge ...
      The question is - what is PZB going to do to make things right? "Nothing" is not an acceptable answer ....
      .. retribution is certainly in order ..

      It is likely that camper will reference cboob, gorgy-porgy, and others throughout his career and life, yielding strong lessons on how never to treat human beings, and how not to manage a business .... painful lessons - yes - never to be forgotten .. hell no ..
      Camper will refrain from posting messages that may be perceived as derogatory in nature, critical of BAX mgt, or disclose any co info..

      p.s. remember Elvis this week -

    • I am certain that Camper is a great person who truely cares about the future success of BAX. Camper was probably a BAX insider who was caught up in the CBob reorganization and stood up to that regime in regards to the poor decision making. Although Camper has issues with the CBOB group, it is probably difficult for him(her) to let go.

      BAX has changed significantly since Camper left the company and it appears to be on the right track. They also seem to be addressing the sales issues(I am also an insider) with the idea of making the sales budgets achievable. I am certain that we all owe Camper a debt of gratitude for standing up to CBob but it is time to move forward.

      Just my humble opinion.

    • Lets not get too carried away with the picture basedon Q2. They still have a LONG way to go to undo the deeds of Mr C....

    • 1st of all, don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person, i.e., camper this and camper that... very anoying.

      I've dropped by this site over the past few years. I know the facts. Everytime I read one of your posts I think, why doesn't this guy quit beating the past to death? OK, it's official, you didn't like the former BAX management. There, are you happy?

      One last thing, you claim to be intelligent. Why do disguise this by writing your posts like a white trash, trailer-park, sister humper? Sure, it's a great plan, but maybe you should get a clue!

      I'll bet your an ex-driver living on long term disability barely scrapping by to make your mobile home payments... close?

    • once gain - get the the posts, know the history.. there was a time when camper ranted, raved.... that was two years ago when public outcries were required .. camper applauds the current direction of BAX ...

      The culture, financial position, and good people are being restored @ BAX .. nice
      Camper has moved on .... but Camper will never forget...nor will many other good mgrs/dirs/vps who were forced out under cboob debacleship ..

      last count 17 .. cboob mgt, dirs, vps that were fired since 1999 ..... camper delights

      Anytime you want to start debating intelligent issues relative to Air Freight, long-term strategies, economics,etc - bring it on.. this board could use some meaningful insight and discussion .... you have the floor - use it

      gotta go - kawfeez redee.... kownsulun iz set fer tuda..... steeul triun to shak my dizeez cawld cbobofrenik ....
      p.s. cboob askt me to sta own and teech the new teem....... right.......I wood rather hav starvd than offer help to such lo-klass- thu irunee uf it awl.....

    • 1. Quiting before you are fired is still the same as being canned. Funny how so many people didn't just run at the first sign of a problem and then cry about for years.

      2. Gather all of your little rants on this board, your juvenile trailer speak, and everything you have said about the Cbob team and tell everybody clearly that you have no grudges. Maybe counseling might help.

      3. Cbob has destroyed a very good company and there is no excuse for the things he has done, but don't moan and groan about how you can't work in this type of "culture". Get over it and move on.

      FO? very cute, I would expect nothing less from you.

    • Camper:
      - you are be gone but not forgotten
      - your value to BAX was/is immeasurable
      - the shareholders are forever greatful
      - never change - you have guts w/class
      - you are loved


    • merit much of a reply, a clarification to others is noted:

      1 - cbob did not can me - I refused to remain on a ship that was sinking fast with a bunch of incompetent clowns allowed to destroy the co culture/value, and create massive amounts of red ink... do your homework .. know your facts

      2 - no grudges..... only stated facts - nothing but the truth ever .. While the truth at times was difficult to accept, the benefactors are obvious - today .. enough said

      p.s. FO

    • Sounds to me that CBob canned your ass and your just disgruntled.

      I didn't realize that you can write somewhat intelligently. At least you're getting better.

      See if this sounds familiar...I have forgotten more about your sad little story than you can possibly know.

    • You obviously have no idea of the history or truth behind camper ........I can assure you many do, with much appreciation for vocalizing the bankrupt direction that cboob & co had BAX heading ... all along the way ... camper is the best friend BAX ever had ..... get a clue

      If you can offer 1 oz of meaningful info/advice re this co ...... please do ...... you have long way to go to catch up to camper ... but shoot as you please.. I have tough skin.......

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