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  • the_rifleman2003 the_rifleman2003 Dec 20, 2002 12:54 AM Flag


    Why has this stock gone from a high of 28.92 to the current 18.89? Isn't this company profitable? What does Wall Street know about this company? Will this stock recover in the short term?

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    • it's a "security" stock which benefitted from the aftermath of 9/11.It was already heavily owned by institutions,and that ownership had nowhere to go.The security businesses are doing ok.BAX Global(freight/logistics) contributed to some of the weakness.I suspect the biggest current issue is the ongoing liability from the coal business-even after the sale.

    • Rifle.... forget the recent crappy results of this stock's price... the larger question is what ever happened to the days when the stock was in the forties?? Why did this stock start sliding well before the rest of the market tanked?? Where was management ?? How much money did the Pittston boys take with them when they left (to pursue "other career opportunities")?? How much damage did they do to the company?? (damn near killed BAX) What were the costs and the reasons for the move to the plantation in Virginia?? How many MILLIONS got pissed away on KPMG and all their "consultants" - who didn't know shit about the business of moving freight. How was the view from the CEO's office? Did big Joe actually get everything he wanted when he left? did Goochland Gary ?? And why the hell isn't JH in charge, since he knows more about the company than any other three Pittstonians combined? oh yes... and why is MD still in charge, since he clearly can't run this ship (except into the rocks)and has proven time and again his word can't be trusted...these are the questions shareholders should ask... and the board and management should be held accountable for... whatching the investment wither and flyin with 'dem Eagles....

      JMHO... ho ho ho ....


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      • Thanks for the info. I bought some PZB when it hit the teens. You don't make me real confident about the management of the company. How well is Brinks and BAX managed realizing that transportation stocks have taken a hit the last two years.

        PZB P/E looks ok at $11.63 but I am concerned about the market cap only being estimated at 1.0 billion with sales in 2001 of 3.6 billion. Long term debt is at 252.9 million. This is not good yet not out of line with companies that participate in the transportation industry. Any thougts about breaking back into the twenties?

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