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  • SURFRATO SURFRATO Dec 23, 2002 4:44 PM Flag

    Something worthwhile

    When will somebody post something worthwhile?
    Everybody the last couple of weeks has posted crap. Pure speculation. So let me give some of mine:
    Replace the 8's with newer 10's.
    Go after the UPS/FEDEX market.
    Market and go after Dangerous Goods shippers.
    That should do it.

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    • Thanks and I hope that you are right.

    • don't forget the $2 per pound needed to support such an investment for O/N service from Ny - LAX versus current average of $1( or less estimated ).. these planes are not cheap ( even though Cbob and team wanted to buy new gen a/c to reduce the main reqs .. a good joke to start the new year)
      The reality is that the market will never pay rates required as long as there is excess capacity - which appears to be around for a very long time. And the customer will always look for cheap/less time-sensitive solutions, and with today's tech - they can put most of their freight on the ground and still make O/N service within 100 miles ... with most having a 2-4 day req ...

      Challenges for sure but BAX will survive ..they have great people and a solid mgt team now

    • First of all, you need money to lease or buy new planes. Most of the BAX systems are as old as the current aircraft and would also need investment. There just is not any money to spend. I agree that either smaller or more fuel efficient aircraft would be desireable but it just "aint" going to happen.

    • Wouldn't it be cheaper in the long run to (over time) add in newer planes, than run the current fleet with all the mechanical problems happening more frequently with the 8's? Especially with a lot of available planes right now sitting at Evergreen outside of Tucson - Pinal Airpark, or at the Goodyear airport north of Phoenix (where FedEx converts retired pax a/c into cargo jets)...
      The time couldn't be more prime to lease some of these sitting aircraf....thoughts?

    • Long term strategy is cut backs and survival. The overnight fleet will continue to run even though yields are down. Look for continued growth and emphasis of ground services.

      Not sure if sales organization is truly put together.

      I do believe that BAX can and will survive.

    • interesting .. BAX vp of the week tally is ?
      at least a Sales Org has been put together..
      too bad re the Americas profits - even with ATI ( which I hear has been making decent op returns in 2002)without ATI - the U.S. must have some serious red ink ... will be interesting to see if they keep flying the Overnight Fleet, which has turned out to be a huge cash drain with negative ROI - ever since Farrell put his friend in charge of running it in 1998, just before Cbob and co added even more capacity while running off most of the high-yielding under 100 lb frt .. BAX may never fully recover from this (and the KPMG legalized theiving)

      standing on the sideliness.. LT strategy must be in development, under mass confusion it appears

    • To expand on 2002, major loses continue in the Americas. All of the profit has been overseas due to higher margins and the West Coast Dock lockout. There has just been a major restructuring on the Global sales force with even more VP's being added. Not sure of any other reorgs. Also unsure of long term startegy as one does not seem to exist.

      Also hope that BAX is profitable in 2003.

    • Alrighty then ... you have spoken
      Don't forget the part about getting the market to double the current O/N rate in order to afford the 10s .. that's right double in order to make any money on the O/N fleet - esp w newer gen a/c ...current mkt rates will not support the 8s .. in case you haven't noticed
      Sounds like you have it figured out - send your strategic insight to Pres - Americas
      One last question, if I may: IS your last name one of the following: Campbell? Dixon, Holbert? Faber? McClelland, Turner.. if not - you must be related to them all.
      Merry BAXmas and a Happy Brinx Year

    • Hmm.... fly the really hazardous cargo... the kind that takes out the plane, the pilot and lord knows how many people en route to the hub, when something goes THERE is a plan !

      well.. since we're putting in two cents:

      Sell off BAX, Sell off Brinks, Sell off Home Security, Sell off ATI, declare holding company bankrupt to get out from under coal liabilities, go home with shareholder money after granting each other fat bonuses for a job well done.

      Now there is a five-year plan for you.

      Soaring with the Eagles, eating the crow.

      JMHO... ho ho ho ...


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