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  • uthinkimstupid2003 uthinkimstupid2003 Apr 7, 2003 8:56 PM Flag

    BEING SUED AGAIN! For Employee neglect!

    This company has more lawsuits against them than Bayer has Aspirin!
    most are kept quiet, but more notable in the last few years is harassement against woman who can't wear pants ($35K from Brinks). Harassement for not being hispanic ($450K BAX). and now one for age descrimination anti BAX that will go in the millions! These people have to catch up with todays work place!

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    • "This company has more lawsuits against them than Bayer has Aspirin!"

      3 in the last 4 years is not bad.

      Especially for a company that has that many employees.

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      • A majority are frivolous lawsuits. These people that sue companies are hoping to cash in on the lawsuit lottery, the easy way out.
        It is never the employees fault. It is almost always the employer fault for reprimand that leads to these frivolous lawsuits because people never take responsibilty for their own actions. If people would realize that some days they may be the pigeon, and other days they will be the statue...

    • Here are 3 that are widely publicized. If you check court listing you will find many others that are in litigation.
      The problem being that even after being told many times to improve their employee relations, they have never taken any steps to educate management or employees. PZB doesn't care. I know- I am a current employee.

      Copley v. Bax Global, 97 F.Supp.2d 1164 (S.D. Fla. 2000) $500K!

      BAX GLOBAL LIMITED vs.MRS F FRENCH 1/10/2002 (UK) in litigation.

      Grotts sued for failure to accommodate her religious beliefs as is required under Title VII. A consent decree signed by Judge Michael M. Mihm of the United States District in Central Illinois, in January 2003, resulted in $30,000 in monetary relief to Grotts and her attorney's fees. The Consent Decree further requires Brink's to train all managers at its Peoria area facility about Title VII's prohibitions on religious discrimination and a company's duty to reasonably accommodate an employee's religious beliefs.

    • Give details and links not speculation.

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