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  • exbrinx exbrinx Jun 27, 2005 2:32 PM Flag

    The name says it all

    Two years ago Pittston changed its name to The Brink's Company. The Brink's Company now has three subsidiaries: Brink's Inc., Brink's Home Security, and BAX Global. Not too difficult to see who's the odd one out? Brink's being synonimous with security it looks natural that at the right time and for the right price BAX will be sold. The only questions are when, to whom, and for how much?

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    • sad thing is, even w the planes full, market pricing will not enable profits. IF it were not for the export biz and foreign exchange rate, BAX would still be in serious trouble. BAX U.S. is still losing $$ accoring to their latest q1 report ..q2 should be out soon.

      Granted .. they are doing much better than when Campbell and crew nearly took BAX to BK.
      A substantial recovery for sure that (should be applauded)after the former BAX Exec was brought back in 2001 to run it

      THE air piece needs new planes, and at 75 cents per pound coast-to-coast.. a clear negative ROI ... but U.S. 2-3 day ground frt svc is a money maker .. fuel looms as a huge concern also ..

      Will be interesting to see what happens..
      I predict 4/5 major airlines in BK in 1 yr and BAX U.S. whether sold or not, will become a non-asset based company if they are to survive.. unless they can get the mkt to pay the $1.25 per lb needed to make money
      I just do not see this happening
      Thanks Maverick

    • I know that several years ago Deutsch Post was seriously looking at BAX (just before the Airborne acquisition) but did not take any action at the time. BAX has emerged from its quarterly losses and has become profitable and suspect that D.P. may take another look. Now that UPS has Menlo and FEDEX having its own heavyweight division, D.P. still makes the most sense. The other company that has expressed an interest in BAX is the Yellow-Roadway company that could integrate BAX with the Exact Express services. I know that BAX currently moves Exact volume for Yellow on a daily basis.

    • exaclty what a board can be used for ..

      This msg board is virtually inactive..
      wonder why ?

      many people own this stock... which has performed well over the past year.. and will do even better if Brinks becomes a pure play sec company - imo -

      BAX is a good co - will be a perfect fit with ???? just who is the ????

      anyone else have insight re BAX, BCO ?

      the LT liabilities for the coal group is still a dark cloud however.. and the fact that there is a copr holding group is a negative also .. and $$ drain

    • GEO sold for $454mm on a debt free basis, meaning that was the enterprise value implied by the transaction. GEO's EBITDA for 2004 was 31.5mm. Thus GEO was sold for 14.4x 2004 EBITDA.

      13F's are filed by investment managers with discretion over $100mm or more in 13(f) securities. The filing details portfolio holdings. The point is, activist hedge funds are all over BCO.

    • note- GEO sold for $454M less debt
      I think the debt was approx $200m+

      so the net was ~ $254M

      what is 13f ...please inform those of us who can't remember all of the acronyms

    • Aint happening.
      Every now and again, something comes across to get something out to cover anouther angle somewhere. BAX is NOT for sale.

      Also, there was anouther post a while back about the locals of some BAX offices being far from airports. Some are, some aren't. It is a hub and spoke system. Not like American, but more like Southwest. Easiest thing I can come up with. For more info, see the Sea-Tac vs BFI report with southwest airlines thing. That will give you your answers.

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