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  • oldbully63 oldbully63 Feb 1, 2001 2:37 PM Flag

    Sure is quiet

    Is it because all the cheerleaders and brown nosers have realized that they better get those resumes out in a hurry?

    It looks to me like the results are even more grim than expected.

    Expect the next round of treminations momentarily.

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    • ...someone might listen to what you're saying and then current management would get fired.

      If that happened the stock would move 3 pts.

    • you do entertain - glad the BAX systems are "state-of-the-art" - ha ha - has anyone prepared a ROI for all the $ spent realtive to return - ouch - RED INK AGAIN - you do not have a clue- but we all agree that good tracking & order systems are required.........
      note - systems do not generate revenue - it is all about price now - even service is not as important as it once was in det mkt willingness to pay
      note - when you have 20 planes scheduled with 2 spares - you do NOT need a multi-million dollar capacity planing model - you must have worked with Dixon last year

      Are you aware of charpter 11?

    • Hey Dung, That name really fits you well.

      First of all I did not ever work for this company. Sorry for not being having checked my grammer but for this board it is suffice.
      As to owning an airline. Almost anyone can get a tail number if you apply. You operate as an intergrator. ATI is your so called airline. Which BAX bought while in bankruptcy.
      Those layoffs were last year. What about this year?
      Ground service, do you know that market is shrinking, and you have more competition in that area than you do in airfreight.

      Pan Am owned an airline also, so did Eastern and remember you bed partners Kitty Hawk they were an airline.
      Assets make money and appreciate in value. DC8 are what you own, they are the most expensive aircraft to operate and they are old. You might sell one to the drug cartel in south america but that is unlikely. The rest of
      the aircraft are wet leased, so you do not own those.
      In the new world of business you do not own what you can lease because when times turn bad as you have described, you do not have trouble making payments on something you can not utilize. This way you have a better position on your cash flow and you can use it for better returns. That is something BAX has not clue of. Do you not want a return on investment?

      Do you you understand the term sell short? I will explain.
      You see numbnuts you sell stock that you do not own at a price in anticpation of buying it back at a lower price. You make a profit on the spread. When you buy back in your broker then takes the proceeds and settles your account.
      No charge for the lesson. I do not attend swap meets or have an allowance.
      You sound like you have great knowledge of these kinds of activities. Are you describing your weekends.

      You hide behind discreetness, you hide behind a wall of shame and disgrace.You have no balls, if you did you would let us know at least what you do so when the BAX brass watch this board they will know that you are still one of the pom pom sqaud and maybe they will let you stand in the front of the chorus line.

      I have a life bro.
      It is to get people like you to take a look at themselves and see how pathetic you really are.

      I suggest that you get a clue.
      You tech that you talk about is what my kids learn by watching Blue Clues.

      Enough said. Point made. Time to go to bed.
      BUB BYE

    • Well the results are in and it doesn't look good. Well actually $15M loss was a little less than I expected, but I exercised my options and sold @ 20 anyway. Time to pick up some more @ 18.5 and make a cool profit. Someone call the cops 'cause I made a killing.

      I must have missed Camperboy's recent prediction since somebody still thinks he's right on the money. I'd like to know what revenue he predicted. Or if he was as vague as Vortex and D Ray.

      As for my dept. we still showed a 7% increase in revenue over 1999. Not good, but much better than my rivals on the OTHER side of the aisle which posted a loss.

      The future here at BAX is looking better than ever. Hope to cash in on some longs this time!

      Enough for now,


      • 5 Replies to SHOOTER586
      • I found your decision to glorify your own modest success -- while your company has experienced a $43 Million nosedive in operations income this quarter over last year -- in very poor taste. This is in contrast to the BAX cheerleading and attitude that many of you claim.

        007 sees 1st quarter as continued path of failing to meet analyst expectations. We will wait to see revenue returns.

      • What about thinking about making a profit instead of always thinking of revenues. You can make as much revenue as you want; if you can't cover the costs, it doesn't matter.

      • Hey Shitter.
        Read these messages 854,860,886,912,923.
        These were my predictions and read what is in the report and see how vague my predictions are . Please note the dates.

        Your just a f-cking idiot.

        Camperboy is right on. Where are all the pom pom girls now. Where's all the smart asses that work for this company. Eating crow.

        Camperboy is right you are a douche bag.

        Laughing all the way to the bank.

        Can you handle the truth now.

        BUB BYE

      • still waiting on your " list of tainted info"
        that implied recently .........

        u r a douche bag for sure !

        everyone knows that camper was always right - even if he was wronged -

        still have a good memory though - looking to buy @ $10

        p.s. - no hard feelings - my rewards await

      • Hey Shitter,
        Who is right? I told you this was going to happen. Now just wait till tomorrow when the rest of the investors see the results.
        You are dumber than I thought. Please read the link I have attached for your reading pleasure.

        It has a P/L statement broken down by each operating company. BAX lost a total of 70 million it only got a account mark of 50+million because they had a special charge of 25 million for force reduction. If you divide 25 million by 300= 83333.33 . Now I know that those that were laid off only got about 1 week for every year of service. The rest is to pay C.Bob his severence pay of 1.3 million per year that is what that is for and other bullshit.
        Pittison as a whole lost 256. million.
        Bax contributed 50+ million to that loss.
        Wait till the next RIF that is coming. Your department, I did not know the janitors got a budget.
        Oh yeah , where is that budget for this year. Its only Feb 1, 2000 and nothing still.
        The coal mining business can not even be sold it has to be shut down. Yeah the future is real bright. This entity is a fart away from colapse.
        Trending for this Q1 is in the shitter already.
        You are happy that your company lost money but you made some .

        How f-cking hypocritical.You should get fired.

        I also have made a killing to the tune of 300k. In only 2 weeks I can buy a even bigger vacation home now. It's not over yet. Mr. Dan Chairman of the board is going to get his balls chopped off and your Vp of sales is next.
        This is the last flush of this toliet.
        You are a total PUTZ.
        Where are all the pom pom girls now?

        BUB BYE

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