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  • baxsterbear baxsterbear Mar 22, 2001 11:03 PM Flag

    Posting on the Yahoo airfreight club...

    Someone on an Yahoo club has floated a rumour about our pending demise at the end of this month.....This is a rumour Isn't it?????? with the way things have gone lately.... who really knows.

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    • I highly doubt that Q1 will be a good one when you look at the results of the closest competitor Emery. Domestic market is way soft these days. BAX is extremely strong in the international market and I believe that is where BAX needs to concentrate on. Forget the domestic market.
      I am not an employee of any of the PZB companies.

      Disclaimer: The above is strickly my opinion and not meant to influence any stock holder, investor or the stock market.

    • group by now.

      The PZB board is made up entirely of " friends"
      who are clearly gutless. One has to question their effectiveness. If they have been looking out for shareholders ...... then why is the collective value of the stock worth 1/3 of it's value from 1997?

      We do hope this company, (under current or new mgt team) can figure out a way to improve shareholder value. We are indeed growing tired of the same quarterly song & dance.

      Q1 earnings release is just around the corner.
      Will be interesting to see if Dan & CO can weather this upcoming storm .... to be continued....... TBD

    • You make a fair point. My subject line was meant to provoke a response, but my point is no less true.

      You are correct to point out that some of DAN'S sales resulted from expiring options. This explains about 65K of the 118k that DAN DUMPED.

      It also explains the actions of the general counsel and the treasurer - although it should be noted in fairness to the later that he exercised more than he sold (i.e. net increase in his position). The others have no such excuse - they have sold into apparent stock price strength.

      When executives in the midst of a turnaround sell shares it strongly suggests they lack faith in what they are doing.

      Naturally exercising options as they expire is prudent. Likewise, selling sufficient quantities to pay takes and even to take a little out for oneself is well understandable. This isn't what happened here, the treasurer excluded.

      DUMPING into a 52 week and nearly 156 week high - is looking out for oneself at the expense of shareholders and suggests managment DOUBTS SUCCESS in delivering value that will raise the share price above current levels over say the balance of 2001. A management confident of their success would hold out for greater rewards later - this is simple human nature. What does it say to you that this one did not?

      Remember - when these actions were taken, management already largely knew 1Q results. Even a fool can anticipate a slaughter when he knows he enters a battle unarmed.

      This management has been working to turn this ship around for over 3 years now. They have learned how to take lumps if nothing else.

    • Before you make such profound statements, be certain these where not expiring options. Perhaps you're not clear on how these options work.

    • Guess we can all get a good sense about BAX results, the coal sale and how changes at Brinks are shaping up based upon Mr. Dan's decision to lighten his share load by almost 120,000 shares last month.

      Interestingly the rest of the Pittston golden circle also decided to take the same action, though not nearly to the same degree. One imagines them sitting around at lunch planning their sales so that they go one at a time rather than all of them dumping on the same day.

      Oh, wait, my mistake the CFO didn't dump any shares, but thats because he doesn't have any since his options havent vested yet.

      I always love a managment that puts their money where their mouth is. This one did just that.

      Truth and justice to all.

    • Yeah, I just did the same and checked out the EAGL board. It seems to me those folks are in a bad shape though some stations seem to be doing well lately.

      Any thruth to the rumor that BAX is going to park an additional 7 B727's?

    • after 2 yeers uf bad news, theus iz welcum

      glad to no BAX is bak own trak - yaaaaaaaaa

      theus werk thang has shurly hert my gawlf gam
      but makun progris fer shur -

      aksidint left me a bit mental - steul good wit thu numers tho -

      hope to see lots uf yunz @ the gawlf ternamint

      until next time,

    • Good to have camper back in the mix - things were getting boring around here. Had to go over to the Eagle board to see some good old fashioned panic and bickering. I see the Circle-Jerkers are revolting - but we all knew that already.....

      I hope your "aksident" hasn't hurt your golf game, camper. Maybe we'll meet at the Dad..?

      P.S. 1st Qtr will be brutal, but I foresee a bright future for Q2 and beyond. We're selling the hell outta BAXSaver - 200% over plan in our little corner of the world. Combined with discountable guarantees, it's a slam dunk.

      We're staging an uprising!!

    • is for real. Just go back and look at his predictions - very impressive.

      A friendly hello from such an astute advisor is always welcome.

      After all, remember the insight and predictions from Camper in 1999/2000? He was on the money.
      Too bad he has ended his projecting of results, I guess he is "over it", but watching from afar.

      Other than Mr. Campbell and friends, the majority of employees and investors hold high regard for old Camper.

      We await his return ....... even the new kinder, gentle version.

      p.s. his language is easy to understand.

    • Is this person for real? Surely has taken great pain to destroy our English language. Do not mean to criticize, but really. Is there nothing more important to discuss than cryptic messages?

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